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TBnet: New consensus reached to help tackle multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant TB (post with simple image)

The document summarises the current knowledge on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adults and children with MDR/XDR-TB and their contacts, and provides expert consensus recommendations on questions where scientific evidence is still lacking.

Tuberculosis makes a comeback (post with simple image)

Yerevan, Armenia - In a barren hospital room, Arman lies on a messily made bed as a nurse administers one of two daily antibiotic injections into his forearm. The 35-year-old ex-soldier was admitted nearly 18-months ago, having suffered a relapse of the bacterial lung infection tuberculosis (TB).

European Voice: New policy report on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (post with simple image)

Report, titled "The fight against tuberculosis", discusses the rising incidence of MDR-TB, the need for more effective treatments, new vaccines and better diagnostics and what needs to be done at a European level to tackle this preventable disease.

Fool’s errand: The sloppy science of the MDR-TB STREAM trial (post with simple image)

Confirming the efficacy and safety of bedaquiline-inclusive regimens is a priority. Comparing them to unvalidated MDR-TB drug combinations in the planned STREAM study is not the way to go about it.

New tuberculosis drug regimen will move to landmark Phase 3 clinical trial (post with simple image)

STAND trial will test the first regimen designed to significantly shorten and simplify the treatment of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB.

South Africa: "This disease is for heroes. If you can fight this, you can stand anything in this world" (post with simple image)

Siyabulela Qwaka is the latest patient cured of drug resistant TB in MSF’s project in Khayelitsha, South Africa. His story is an inspiration for the others currently fighting the new form of tuberculosis against which existing drugs are of limited effectiveness.

Otsuka wins European marketing authorization for Deltyba™ (delamanid) (post with simple image)

Deltyba has been granted a marketing authorization for use as part of an appropriate combination regimen for MDR-TB in adult patients when an effective treatment regimen cannot otherwise be composed for reasons of resistance or tolerability.

UNITAID approves grants of $160 million (post with simple image)

Breakthrough new medicines for drug-resistant TB to be made available for low- and middle-income countries as part of $160 million of new grants funded by UNITAID.

TAG: An Activist’s Guide to Tuberculosis Drugs (post with simple image)

The guide provides a summary of safety and efficacy data for drugs currently in use to treat TB. It also highlights research and access gaps for advocacy by activists, clinicians, and others working in TB.

End DR-TB patients’ deadly waiting game now, MSF tells SA health authorities (post with simple image)

South Africa could realise savings of up to 42% through fully decentralised models of care, but fragmented, slow government response sees policy stutter after 3 years; MSF negotiates to expand access to effective drugs for more patients at lower price.

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