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Open letter to Otsuka: continued concerns about delamanid's accessibility (post with simple image)

Leading doctors, advocacy groups and medical organizations remain concerned on several fronts regarding access to delamanid.

Tuberculosis: The old devil in new clothes (post with simple image)

My role as a doctor is to make it possible for Andile to play football again. He used to train three times a week in Khayelitsha, one of the largest townships in South Africa – miles and miles of little boxlike brick houses interspaced with tin shacks on the edge of Cape Town. As he puts it, he was the type of player who doesn’t waste himself running aimlessly after the ball; he rather analyzed the game to make decisive passes that led his team to a victory. But today, what Andile wishes above all is to be able to run, even aimlessly – to feel his heart beat hard against his chest, to feel his lungs explode from the hard-won efforts of playing a game.

Moldova: To save her husband's life, a woman fights for access to TB drugs (post with simple image)

One year ago Pavel Rucsineanu was running out of options.

CROI 2014: New drugs, novel combos top tuberculosis news at conference (post with simple image)

With increased TB activism and research into new treatments, preventive therapies, and diagnostics, the space devoted to TB at CROI has increased substantially.

Countering TB resistance was futile – but no longer (post with simple image)

It was May 23 2010 and 21-year-old Funiwe Mbhamhama woke to the beautiful but forlorn sound of church singing. She looked at the sun streaming in through the crack in the orange curtains of her Khayelitsha home. It wasn't Sunday. There should be no singing. 

MSF: Patients in India suffer the consequences of poor regulation of TB drugs (post with simple image)

The ministry of health must act to stop drug resistance from spiralling.

UNITAID urges focus on better treatment of MDR-TB (post with simple image)

Until better medicines are introduced, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis will remain a dangerous global threat.

TB still major health concern in Indonesia (post with simple image)

Yulinda Santosa was talking enthusiastically to some people in the room. She was eloquent, cheerful and seemed perfectly healthy. It’s hard to believe that until last year she was still suffering from a serious illness that nearly killed her and forced her to put her life on hold for years.

The Lancet journals: World TB Day media alert (post with simple image)

For World TB Day 2014, The Lancet group publishes a Series of papers to highlight the need for global collaboration to diagnose, treat, and cure people with tuberculosis.

Fighting the white plague (post with simple image)

Today is World TB Day. More people die of tuberculosis in South Africa than from any other disease.

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