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India: TB control requires new technologies (post with simple image)

Although much effort has gone into tuberculosis control, reduction in incidence has been disappointingly slow. India is a good example. Although India's Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) covers the entire country, and has met the 2015 targets, India continues to report over 2 million cases every year, and accounts for 1 of the 3 million “missing cases” that are either not diagnosed, or not reported. 

Common Sense: Preventing TB in the US (post with simple image)

This white paper released by Stop TB USA on World TB Day urges a more robust national TB response which focuses on diagnosing and treating latent TB to prevent future active cases.

Report from Tanzania: Attention to realities on the ground, criminalized populations, civil society needed to sustain HIV, TB responses (post with simple image)

Redeployment: Opportunities to Control HIV and TB in Tanzania, Observations from Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, and Zanzibar looks at successes, challenges, gaps in public health responses, and at how to deliver “the right things to the right places at the right time.”

India's Ministry for Health & Family Welfare calls for a TB Free India following the end of the largest ever TB programme review (post with simple image)

India undertook the largest ever TB programme review over the last two weeks. Following this, the Ministry of Health of India launched on 23 April, a bold Call to Action for a TB Free India.

The End TB Strategy: India can blaze the trail (post with simple image)

How is the ‘End TB Strategy’ relevant in the Indian context, and how can India be a world leader in implementing the End TB Strategy?

Pakistan makes headway in TB care: 10 day joint monitoring mission to the country to help achieve the 2020 TB vision (post with simple image)

6 June 2015 – Pakistan – The Government of Pakistan, along with the Stop TB Partnership, WHO and other technical and donor partners recently concluded a ten-day joint monitoring mission to review Pakistan’s National TB Control Programme.

Michel Kazatchkine: Postcard from Belarus (post with simple image)

On a recent visit to Belarus, I was thinking about the country's multi-cultural heritage arising from its shared history with Lithuania, Poland and Russia, together with its more recent Soviet past. The geographical reality is however that over two thirds of its borders to the South and to the East are with either Ukraine or the Russian Federation, with the latter continuing to be Belarus' major political and economic partner.

Leaked: draft 2015 report on Indian Revised National TB Control Programme from Joint Monitoring Mission (post with simple image)

Central TB Division (CTD) organised the Joint Monitoring Mission (JMM) in April 2015 along with the World Health Organisation country office to review the functioning of the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) of India.

South Africa aims to detect every TB patient, while a million cases in India slip through the cracks (post with simple image)

South Africa has launched one of the most progressive TB screening campaigns in the world. Budget cuts have nearly derailed India's TB programme.

Uzbekistan: “Please, never give up. You too can beat TB.” (post with simple image)

Tetyana Pylypenko is from Ukraine and has been working with MSF for over 10 years in her home country and abroad. She comes from a nursing background, and in 2014 held the position of Medical Team Leader in Nukus, Karakalpakstan region, Uzbekistan. Below she explains more about her work with tuberculosis (TB) patients.

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