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The health app that beat Hurricane Harvey (post)

Making sure tuberculosis patients take their medicine is time consuming and expensive. But in Houston, video conferencing helped officials monitor patients even during massive flooding.

Union budget 2018: ‘Will vulnerable TB patients get benefit?’ (post)

More than half of all cases of TB every year — two-thirds of new cases in people 15-19 years old — can be prevented by ensuring people get enough to eat in terms of calories and proteins, studies have shown. So, there was a general cheer when the Budget made an allocation of Rs 600 crore towards nutritional support for TB patients. But experts were not sure whether this was enough.

To ensure proper nutrition for TB patients, give them food instead of cash, say experts (post)

Rs 600-crore budget for nutrition support and aid of Rs 500 per month will do little to prevent undernutrition in TB patients, say public health specialists.

Resistance to TB drugs growing in Somalia (post)

Finland participated in the fight against the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in Somalia already before the Somali Civil War in the 1980s. The war complicated efforts to handle the tuberculosis situation, but efforts to eradicate the disease is now continuing.

Public hearing in Azerbaijan Parliament: Global calls and commitments – TB fight in Azerbaijan Republic (post)

Public hearings were held on the 30th of January 2018 in Azerbaijan Parliament titled “Global calls and commitments – TB fight in Azerbaijan Republic”. The event was attended by Members of Parliament (MPs) governmental, national and international organizations, TB Azerbaijan Coalition members (TBAZC) and mass media. The following topics were covered: social support to TB patients, added values of CSOs in TB treatment and care, improving quality of TB treatment and care, need for government and civil society efforts in addressing the increasing level of drug resistant TB in the country, fight with TB stigma, ensuring sustainability of TB services after the Global Fund withdrawal, need for increasing TB awareness among general population and need for updating the “Azerbaijan TB Law”.

India: Chennai-run hospitals not first choice for treatment of TB (post)

CHENNAI, 14 February 2018: At least three out of five people, particularly in rural areas, choose to visit private healthcare facilities for tuberculosis treatment before they enrol for free treatment at state-run hospitals including primary health care centres, a study by a group of scientists has found. This has led to a delay in starting treatment - a critical factor for preventing complications and spread of TB in the community, the authors said. It also increased out-of-pocket expenses for the patients by nearly 17 times, said the descriptive study, ‘Diagnostic pathways and direct medical costs incurred by new adult pulmonary TB patients prior to anti-TB treatment – Tamil Nadu, India,’ published on Wednesday in an open access medical journal PlosOne.

How both sides in Ukraine’s war are losing the HIV battle (post)

Displacement, aid delivery issues, and different strategies are all feeding a raging epidemic

Maldives sets total eradication of TB by 2022 (post)

Health Ministry on Thursday (February 15) has officially kicked-off a detailed action plan to rid of TB from Maldives by the year 2022.

PM Modi to inaugurate first ever TB India summit next month (post)

During the summit, PM Narendra Modi is also expected to formally launch the National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination 2017-25 (NSP) which was unveiled last year.

A side effect of tuberculosis in India: crippling debt (post)

MUTYALACHERUVU, India - Tuberculosis patient Yerdodamma Peddeti is hungry, but the wood fire stove outside her home in southern India hasn’t been lit all day.

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