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Report: Global State of Harm Reduction 2014 (post with simple image)

The report includes the latest estimates around the response to drug-related HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Each day 1000 people fall sick with tuberculosis in the European Region (post with simple image)

Tuberculosis cases down by 6% in 2013 – pace too slow to reach elimination this century. Rates of MDR-TB remain at very high levels, making the European Region the most affected area of the entire world.

ECDC: Tuberculosis in Europe: from passive control to active elimination – high- and low-incidence countries (post with simple image)

This four-page evidence brief provides an overview of tuberculosis control and elimination efforts in the EU/EEA, with a particular focus on the epidemiological differences between high- and low-incidence countries.

Common Sense: Preventing TB in the US (post with simple image)

This white paper released by Stop TB USA on World TB Day urges a more robust national TB response which focuses on diagnosing and treating latent TB to prevent future active cases.

Taming one of world’s oldest diseases in fast-growing Papua New Guinea (post with simple image)

KEREMA, Papua New Guinea — Six-year-old Elisa Iboro did everything she could to avoid swallowing the 14 pills held out on a hand in front of her. She squirmed in her mother’s arms. She cried. She looked sideways and simply ignored the life-saving drugs.

Tuberculosis in adults and children (post with simple image)

A monograph written for healthcare workers in any setting who are faced with the complex care for patients with tuberculosis.

TB over time (post with simple image)

In 1997, when the field of paleomicrobiology was just emerging, University College London microbiologists Helen Donoghue and Mark Spigelman attended a conference in Hungary focused on the evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis (TB). A few years earlier, Spigelman and PhD student Eshetu Lemma had published the first paper on ancient M. tuberculosis DNA, examining centuries-old samples using PCR (Int J Osteoarchaeol, 3:137-43, 1993). At the conference, Spigelman and Donoghue presented work they’d done to recover M. tuberculosis DNA from much-more-recent human skeletal remains, collected as part of a forensic case dating to the mid-20th century.

Public health: Russia is sick (post with simple image)

For all the external economic fears worrying countries everywhere, Russia faces further, entirely homegrown challenges. In all likelihood, the most important one among them is public health, which directly undermines the country’s economic development.

TB elimination at stake unless Europe cares urgently for vulnerable, poor and marginalized populations and migrants (post with simple image)

High rates of multidrug-resistant TB and TB in vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, drug and alcohol abusers and migrants from countries with high numbers of TB cases continue to challenge TB elimination in Europe.

Report on TB uncovers widespread impact of epidemic on children in Papua New Guinea (post with simple image)

Globally, more than 140,000 children die each year and one million become sick from tuberculosis.

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