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TB deaths in Mumbai fall by 24% in 3 years: BMC (post)

Dr Daksha Shah, Mumbai’s TB officer, attributed the decrease in the number of fatalities to better patient services in diagnosis and treatment.

TB infections hit 90,000 a year in Uganda, overtake HIV rates (post)

Kampala, 19 March 2019: A new national survey shows that 89,000 Ugandans get infected with tuberculosis (TB) every year, surpassing the 50,000 who contract HIV annually.

TB in US at all-time low, but global decline small (post)

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new numbers today about tuberculosis (TB) in the United States in advance of World TB Day, which takes place on Mar 24, noting that cases have reached an all-time low. 

A new digital platform for timely analysis and use of TB data (post)

The WHO Global TB Program has developed and is supporting country implementation of a new digital platform to store, analyze and visualize national and subnational TB surveillance data. The platform will facilitate timely planning and programmatic action.

TB epidemiology (post)

Articles present the current epidemiological situation of TB in different countries:

Thailand in worst 14 for TB (post)

The government and health advocates are struggling to deal with TB as Thailand still has a high global ranking among TB-plagued countries.

Venezuela falls under the triple attack of HIV, TB and malaria (post)

April 13, 2019: In 2017, the Canadian-based International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) and Venezuelan NGO Acción Ciudadana Contra el SIDA (ACCSI) released the first “Triple Threat” Bulletin, an X-ray on Venezuela’s health crisis, specifically on tuberculosis (TBC), malaria and HIV. Back then, the findings were grim. You’d expect after a year, someone, and by “someone” I mean chavismo (who—as actioning government for the past two decades—is the sole responsible for the crisis) would have taken action to stop people from dying of preventable, treatable causes.

Nigeria: Patients relive ordeal as TB spreads, becomes untreatable (post)

TB remains the world’s deadliest infectious killer, claiming 18 Nigerian lives every hour and nearly 4,500 lives globally everyday.

TB cases on the rise in Pakistan (post)

ISLAMABAD, 16th Apr, 2019: The number of patients diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) is increasing in Pakistan as estimated 27,000 new cases are reported every year in the country.

Philippines: Rise in HIV cases increases likelihood of TB spread – experts (post)

MANILA, Philippines — The continued rise in the number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases is causing an additional burden to the prevalence of tuberculosis in the country, according to health experts.

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