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Nigeria launches new medication to tackle TB (post)

In commemoration of World Tuberculosis Day, Nigeria, on Friday, launched the new paediatric anti-TB formulations for treatment of ‘drug susceptible’ TB in children.

Diabetes second biggest killer behind TB in South Africa (post)

Diabetes mellitus became the second most common natural cause of death in South Africa for 2016.

Rural and urban differences in TB epidemiology and treatment in Tanzania (post)

A new study published in Infectious Disease of Poverty explores the underlying differences between urban and rural cases of TB in Tanzania.

Mumbai's 'designed for death' buildings are incubating TB (post)

Poor access to natural ventilation and sunlight, and dearth of space, has resulted in an abnormally high incidence of tuberculosis among the residents of three resettlement complexes.

Predicting the effect of improved socioeconomic health determinants on the TB epidemic (post)

A study published in The Lancet Global Health modelled the effects of social protection and poverty elimination to quantify TB incidence reduction.

More than one in 100 Nunavut infants have TB (post)

Canada’s simmering TB outbreak in northern communities is likely much worse than suspected.

Managing MDR tuberculosis in Nepal (post)

The burden of multidrug and extensively drug resistant tuberculosis might be underevaluated among Nepalis, threatening bordering countries. Sophie Cousins reports from Kathmandu.

Why do so many South Africans die of TB? (post)

GroundUp featured a three-part series on TB which kills over 100,000 South Africans every year.

Advanced genetics study identifies virulent strain of TB (post)

LSTM's Dr Maxine Caws is co-lead investigator on an advanced genetics study published in Nature Genetics, which has shown that a virulent strain of tuberculosis (TB) has adapted to transmit among young adults in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

How prison conditions fuel the TB epidemic (post)

Dozens of men crammed into a small, dark, window-less prison cell, peering out from the barred doorway, pleading looks on their sweaty faces. In a week-long research trip to Haiti in 2016, a colleague and I toured the largest prison in Port-au-Prince, and this is the image I cannot forget.

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