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Namibia launches TB prevalence survey (post)

The Ministry of Health of Namibia launched a TB prevalence survey (TB-DPS) in the country on July 13, in the capital Windhoek.

Praja NGO study reveals 18 people die of TB every day in Mumbai (post)

There are around 18 deaths in Mumbai because of tuberculosis (TB) daily and the number of Mumbaikars opting out of demanding TB treatment redoubled from 9% in 2012 to 19% in 2016-2017, the latest information released by NGO Praja said on Wednesday (July 12).

Iraq suffering one of highest rate of TB in region (post)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq has one of the highest rates of Tuberculosis (TB) in the region, with over 15,000 people affected in the country annually, says a report by the Iraqi government and the United Nations.

IAS 2017: XDR-TB emerges in 1990s in South Africa fueled by HIV (post)

PARIS – Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) emerged and was widely transmitted in South Africa long before it was spotted by public health surveillance efforts, and at least a decade earlier than the first reported outbreak in 2005, a presentation Monday (July 24) showed. The start of the spread was concurrent with the steep rise in both HIV and TB incidence in the early 1990s.

TB killed an estimated 239,000 children in 2015, nearly all of them untreated, study finds (post)

Analysis shows TB may be sixth highest cause of under-five deaths; toll could be prevented with improved case-finding, diagnosis

Study finds link between spike in cost of living and TB death rates (post)

New University of Toronto research finds that a rise in the cost of living experienced during times of crisis – like war, outbreaks of disease and food shortages – can lead to a spike in tuberculosis mortality rates, with women the most vulnerable.

Study finds link between malnutrition, alcoholism and TB in India (post)

A new study reveals a striking link between malnutrition, heavy alcohol use and tuberculosis (TB) in southern India.

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