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India: Tackling TB: It leaves a person with depression, no energy, recalls survivor (post with simple image)

Life came to a standstill when Marzia Dalal, a city-based corporate legal consultant and mother of two children, was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) in her late 30s. She needed a stronger regimen to tackle the multi-drug resistant (MDR) strain as her initial treatment had failed.

The need to accelerate access to new drugs for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (post with simple image)

There needs to be a major scale-up of treatment for MDR tuberculosis that matches the scale-ups that have already been achieved in treatments for HIV and drug-susceptible tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis in adults and children (post with simple image)

A monograph written for healthcare workers in any setting who are faced with the complex care for patients with tuberculosis.

TB man's shirt too nice for a grant (post with simple image)

Bongani Ngcobo looks up at the shacks perched unsteadily on the towering green hills around him. He steps off the tar road on to the sandy path – the starting point of his homebound hike. His shack is about 50m away but the uphill walk makes it seem like kilometres.

USAID supports cross-border TB prevention and control among migrants in Central Asia (post with simple image)

05 October 2015 - On September 29 and 30, the Tajik Ministry of Health and Social Protection convened a regional workshop on strengthening cross-border tuberculosis (TB) control, prevention and care among migrant workers from Central Asia and their families. The workshop funded by the USAID TB Control Program, gathered representatives from health and migration departments of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation to discuss improving access to TB care for migrants in the region.

New toolkit for differentiated care in HIV and TB programs (post with simple image)

The Global Fund prepared a toolkit to help partners implement differentiated care approaches in HIV and TB investments with the aim of maximizing cost efficiency and better serving the different needs of various communities most affected by diseases.

Let's Talk TB – a new book for primary care practitioners (post with simple image)

Let's Talk TB is a book on the current best practices for TB diagnosis and treatment for all general and private practitioners in India and other high-burden countries.

New report and monitoring tool: HIV, HCV, TB and harm reduction in prisons (post with simple image)

Harm Reduction International releases a report identifying some of the most important human rights and public health standards relating to HIV, HCV and TB in prisons, and the vital role of harm reduction provision in ensuring them.

WHO guidance on integrated care for people who inject drugs (post with simple image)

WHO consolidated guidelines: Integrating collaborative TB and HIV services within a comprehensive package of care for people who inject drugs

Tuberculosis and the right to health (post with simple image)

Health and Human Rights Journal Special Section on tuberculosis and the right to health.

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