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India: TB catch-all strategy rings alarm (post with simple image)

New Delhi, Feb. 1: Doctors in India have detected what they say is a disturbing rise in the proportion of patients with tuberculosis resistant to second-line drugs that are used only when key first-line medicines have failed.

Why are rates of drug-resistant TB so high in Russia? (post with simple image)

Natalya, 31, from Saint Petersburg, is being treated for a new and virulent form of an ancient disease ravaging Russia.

'How unromantic it is to die of tuberculosis in the 21st century' (post with simple image)

As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa slows and falls from the headlines, there is a temptation among many to view this outbreak as an isolated event. In fact, the opposite is true. Ebola is the tip of a global health crisis: a crisis in our collective ability to deliver the essentials of modern medicine to those who need help the most, in the most timely and efficient manner.

India: TB control requires new technologies (post with simple image)

Although much effort has gone into tuberculosis control, reduction in incidence has been disappointingly slow. India is a good example. Although India's Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) covers the entire country, and has met the 2015 targets, India continues to report over 2 million cases every year, and accounts for 1 of the 3 million “missing cases” that are either not diagnosed, or not reported. 

We need to fight TB together, end social stigma (post with simple image)

At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). At the time, the upper and lower lobes of my lungs had decayed. After receiving MDR-TB medication for six years I was advised to undergo a surgery in which I had a 1% chance of survival. The process of treatment had left my family distraught. Throughout my journey of fighting the disease, I witnessed numerous social, economic and psychological challenges.

MSF’s DR-TB report proves 'decentralised' model is better, more cost effective (post with simple image)

The decentralised model is aimed at diagnosing and treating the majority of DR-TB patients in primary health clinics, instead of being required to be hospitalised for up to six months.

Multi-drug resistance adds to tuberculosis epidemic in Papua New Guinea (post with simple image)

CANBERRA, Australia, Mar 23 2015 (IPS) - Rising multi-drug resistance in patients suffering from tuberculosis, a debilitating infectious lung disease which mainly impacts the developing world, has led to a public health emergency in the southwest Pacific Island state of Papua New Guinea, according to state officials.

Uganda to expand successful Kampala scheme in battle against tuberculosis (post with simple image)

It is common for patients to arrive at Dr Kasauli Mahmoud Zinda’s private clinic in Bwaise, just north of Kampala’s humming business district, with a persistent cough, little appetite and a fever that, even after various treatments, just will not break. Zinda knows the symptoms usually add up to tuberculosis. With itinerant residents crowded into poorly ventilated homes and shops, the conditions in the impoverished neighbourhood are ideal for transmitting the disease.

Report from Tanzania: Attention to realities on the ground, criminalized populations, civil society needed to sustain HIV, TB responses (post with simple image)

Redeployment: Opportunities to Control HIV and TB in Tanzania, Observations from Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, and Zanzibar looks at successes, challenges, gaps in public health responses, and at how to deliver “the right things to the right places at the right time.”

Taming one of world’s oldest diseases in fast-growing Papua New Guinea (post with simple image)

KEREMA, Papua New Guinea — Six-year-old Elisa Iboro did everything she could to avoid swallowing the 14 pills held out on a hand in front of her. She squirmed in her mother’s arms. She cried. She looked sideways and simply ignored the life-saving drugs.

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