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Uganda to expand successful Kampala scheme in battle against tuberculosis (post with simple image)

It is common for patients to arrive at Dr Kasauli Mahmoud Zinda’s private clinic in Bwaise, just north of Kampala’s humming business district, with a persistent cough, little appetite and a fever that, even after various treatments, just will not break. Zinda knows the symptoms usually add up to tuberculosis. With itinerant residents crowded into poorly ventilated homes and shops, the conditions in the impoverished neighbourhood are ideal for transmitting the disease.

Report from Tanzania: Attention to realities on the ground, criminalized populations, civil society needed to sustain HIV, TB responses (post with simple image)

Redeployment: Opportunities to Control HIV and TB in Tanzania, Observations from Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, and Zanzibar looks at successes, challenges, gaps in public health responses, and at how to deliver “the right things to the right places at the right time.”

Taming one of world’s oldest diseases in fast-growing Papua New Guinea (post with simple image)

KEREMA, Papua New Guinea — Six-year-old Elisa Iboro did everything she could to avoid swallowing the 14 pills held out on a hand in front of her. She squirmed in her mother’s arms. She cried. She looked sideways and simply ignored the life-saving drugs.

Treatment of drug-resistant TB with new and repurposed medications: A supplemental field guide for nurses (post with simple image)

The guide focuses on issues of importance to nurses and the types of care they provide to individuals with drug-resistant TB.

Peru: She's got one of the toughest diseases to cure. And she's hopeful (post with simple image)

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is not only airborne and lethal; it's one of the most difficult diseases in the world to cure.

Mobile health care for Ukraine (post with simple image)

Since February this year, doctors and nurses trained by WHO to use a web-based patient health information and guidance tool on a handheld tablet have been providing primary health care services to people in eastern Ukraine. Through the tablet, medical professionals have access to urgent care protocols and procedures based on WHO norms and standards, tailored to the Ukrainian context. The tool was developed to provide people-centred, real-time, comprehensive information and guidance. It can also give early warnings through syndromic and disease surveillance mechanisms.

Achieving systemic and scalable private sector engagement in tuberculosis care and prevention in Asia (post with simple image)

TB is one of the first health arenas in which the issue of private-provider involvement in long-term care is being tackled seriously in low-income countries. The article outlines the current and newer approaches being taken — and the opportunities for more systemic and scalable efforts to engaging private-sector providers in TB control and beyond.

India: Tackling TB: It leaves a person with depression, no energy, recalls survivor (post with simple image)

Life came to a standstill when Marzia Dalal, a city-based corporate legal consultant and mother of two children, was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) in her late 30s. She needed a stronger regimen to tackle the multi-drug resistant (MDR) strain as her initial treatment had failed.

The need to accelerate access to new drugs for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (post with simple image)

There needs to be a major scale-up of treatment for MDR tuberculosis that matches the scale-ups that have already been achieved in treatments for HIV and drug-susceptible tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis in adults and children (post with simple image)

A monograph written for healthcare workers in any setting who are faced with the complex care for patients with tuberculosis.

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