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Digital patient tracking aims to tackle TB crisis in Southern Africa (post)

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, 27 October 2017 — Every year, 500,000 men travel across southern Africa to work in South Africa’s mines. In doing so, they find themselves triply vulnerable to contracting tuberculosis.

India: Health ministry proposal on cash aid for TB patients faces hurdles within government (post)

A health ministry proposal for a monthly cash benefit of Rs500 to all tuberculosis patients is facing resistance, with the objections ranging from benefit duplication for TB patients to amount of aid.

Russian Federation: TB treatments yield promising results in the Chechen Republic (post)

The first new drugs to be developed in 50 years were the last chance for some people with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) in the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation. In 2015, MSF’s Maria Borshova spoke to patients who had just started their new two-year-long treatments. She recently met them again.

Smartphones can help homeless and addicted patients complete TB treatment (post)

Monitoring patients taking anti-tuberculosis drugs using a smartphone video could improve treatment and cut NHS costs by two-thirds, according to new research.

Latest Cochrane review looks at the effectiveness of strategies to improve people’s access to treatment for TB (post)

In a new Cochrane Review, researchers from Tanzania working with colleagues in LSTM have evaluated the effectiveness of strategies to improve people’s access to treatment for tuberculosis (TB).

Guide to delivering high quality care for TB patients launched (post)

12 December 2017 - Today on Universal Health Coverage Day, The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) have launched updated guidance for health care workers who are involved in detecting and caring for patients with tuberculosis (TB).

Ukraine: Another cost of war: Spread of tuberculosis (post with simple image)

DONETSK, Ukraine – While Russia’s war against Ukraine has claimed more than 1,000 lives since April, in addition to at least 363 servicemen, there are other casualties that aren’t getting as much attention.

Stop TB Partnership publication: Improving tuberculosis case detection (post with simple image)

A compendium of TB REACH case studies, lessons learned and a monitoring and evaluation framework.

India: The hidden costs of free care (post with simple image)

An oft-repeated fact about healthcare services provided by the public sector in India is that they are “free”. This leads to the belief that free diagnosis and treatment eventually mean little or no spending on health by the poor and, consequently, this drastically reduces health-related expenses for them.

Key advocacy fact sheets on TB in Europe released in English and Russian (post with simple image)

The three new fact sheets on “Ambulatory TB care”, “Integrated TB/HIV care” and “Engaging civil society and affected communities in the fight against TB” aim to share best practices from the European region on the three topics.

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