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NIH statement on World TB Day 2015 (post with simple image)

World TB Day, March 24, marks the day in 1882 when German microbiologist Robert Koch announced his discovery of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB). Despite the considerable progress made since that discovery, TB remains one of the world’s deadliest diseases. In 2013, an estimated 9 million people became ill with TB, and 1.5 million people died, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This airborne disease is a leading killer of women and children worldwide. TB co-infection is the major cause of death among HIV-infected people killing roughly 1 in 4 who are co-infected. The growing problems of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB further intensify the TB crisis.

TB R&D’s shift to the left (post with simple image)

As the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation realigns its TB vaccine strategy to focus on early-stage candidate development, equitable access priorities must also be established before large-scale trials are conducted.

African hub set up to boost research autonomy (post with simple image)

African scientists look set to gain greater control over research in their own countries, if an ambitious plan for a regional hub to award grants and develop research capacity bears fruit.

Team lands NIH funds to examine tuberculosis and metabolism (post with simple image)

A team from Colorado State University will play a crucial role in a new project funded by the National Institutes of Health to examine factors that make people susceptible to the bacterium that causes tuberculosis and to discover new treatment strategies.

Researchers participate in the design of a future vaccine for tuberculosis (post with simple image)

Researchers from BIOCAPS will collaborate with scientists from seven countries to design a future vaccine against one of the most persistent diseases worldwide, an infectious disease that provokes one death every 24 seconds: tuberculosis. Specifically, experts from the Institute of Biomedical Research of Vigo (IBI) will search for biomarkers that are correlated with protective immune responses against the pathogen that causes the disease, a key step in the development of an effective vaccine.

SLU’s vaccine center awarded $2.9 million to study new TB vaccine (post with simple image)

ST. LOUIS -- Saint Louis University's Center for Vaccine Development has received a $2.9 million award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to study a new tuberculosis vaccine.

HIV i-Base/TAG: 2015 Pipeline Report (post with simple image)

Latest annual review on HIV, HCV and TB drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, preventive technologies, research toward a cure, and immune-based and gene therapies in development.

Tumor-fighting drugs take on tuberculosis (post with simple image)

By bridging the gaps that divide cancer, immunology, and microbiology, researchers may yet find creative and affordable ways to address the growing problem of drug-resistant tuberculosis.

WHO launches Global Action Framework for TB Research and creates new team on TB research (post with simple image)

A new Global Action Framework for TB Research will foster high-quality national and global TB research needed to end the TB epidemic. A new Research for TB Elimination team, set up in the WHO Global TB Programme, will facilitate the implementation of this new framework and support the promotion of TB research both at global and country levels.

Phase 1 clinical trial of TB drug candidate TBA-354 discontinued (post with simple image)

More investment is needed to expand the portfolio of new TB drug candidates.

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