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CROI 2014: New drugs, novel combos top tuberculosis news at conference (post with simple image)

With increased TB activism and research into new treatments, preventive therapies, and diagnostics, the space devoted to TB at CROI has increased substantially.

Targeting a chink in TB bacteria’s armour (post with simple image)

A novel approach adopted by a team of researchers based in Bangalore has opened a window of opportunities to design new antimicrobials that could potentially be used to kill the tuberculosis-causing bacteria.

Novartis provides drug candidate compounds to TB Alliance (post with simple image)

Exclusive worldwide license from Novartis includes a novel class of drugs that is active against drug sensitive and multi-resistant strains of tuberculosis.

New vaccine shows promise as stronger weapon against both tuberculosis and leprosy (post with simple image)

UCLA-led research finds that a variant of an existing vaccine offers stronger protection against both diseases

PA-824 has a new generic name: pretomanid (post with simple image)

Pretomanid is a component of two new TB drug regimens being tested by TB Alliance for their ability to transform TB therapy, as well as future planned trials.

CRAG: A Protocol Review Companion for Activists (post with simple image)

The document is designed to facilitate community reviews of clinical trials protocols and to ensure community participation in protocol development.

Zombie bacteria in tuberculosis (post with simple image)

“Living-dead” bacteria exist in limbo: biologically active but not proliferating. Buried in this zombie state, disease-causing bacteria could come back from the dead to re-infect patients. Researchers at EPFL have produced the first evidence of this strange phenomenon in tuberculosis, suggesting new avenues for treatment.

Phase 2a published results show the potential of a new TB regimen with novel drugs bedaquiline and pretomanid (PA-824) (post with simple image)

Results of study testing BPaZ published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine; Regimen now being tested in Phase 2b clinical trial

TB Alliance advances next-generation TB drug candidate into clinical testing (post with simple image)

TBA-354 is the first potential tuberculosis drug to advance to Phase 1 trial in six years.

NIH statement on World TB Day 2015 (post with simple image)

World TB Day, March 24, marks the day in 1882 when German microbiologist Robert Koch announced his discovery of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB). Despite the considerable progress made since that discovery, TB remains one of the world’s deadliest diseases. In 2013, an estimated 9 million people became ill with TB, and 1.5 million people died, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This airborne disease is a leading killer of women and children worldwide. TB co-infection is the major cause of death among HIV-infected people killing roughly 1 in 4 who are co-infected. The growing problems of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB further intensify the TB crisis.

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