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Researchers awarded £3.5m grant to improve prevention of TB in South African schoolchildren (post)

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has awarded a grant of £3.5m to researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and University of Cape Town (UCT) to carry out a trial to determine whether a weekly vitamin D supplement can prevent tuberculosis (TB) in South African primary school children.

Union World Conference on Lung Health: Health workers at greater risk for TB, but unlikely to be screened for it (post)

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Health care workers should be considered a key population along with prisoners, miners, and other populations that are at higher risk than the general public of becoming infected with tuberculosis, speakers here said Friday (December 4).

Mumbai: 60% of Sewri hospital workers have multidrug-resistant TB: study (post)

Mumbai: In a shocking revelation, as many as 60% of healthcare workers at Asia's largest tuberculosis (TB) hospital in Sewri have been diagnosed with the multidrug-resistant form of the disease, according to a latest study done by doctors.

CID supplement: Healthcare workers and tuberculosis prevention (post)

Clinical Infectious Diseases (CID) published a special supplement on tuberculosis control in healthcare settings and the occupational hazards TB poses for frontline health workers.

Waging a street fight against tuberculosis in India (post)

Mumbai: He is a one-man help-desk against an old scourge. Dr. Lalitkumar Anande randomly gets on to any local train, positions himself in the crowd and starts talking using a tiny speaker. He believes that the age old “suniye suniye suniye” (listen, everyone) works best on local trains.

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Guidelines for intensified tuberculosis case-finding and isoniazid preventive therapy for people living with HIV in resource- constrained settings (document)

These guidelines from the WHO deal with isoniazid preventative therapy (IPT) in people with HIV. The guidelines make 12 recommendations including the provision of IPT for 36 months where there is capacity to do so. Controversially, these guidelines do not require tuberculin skin testing.

Guidelines for Tuberculosis Preventative Therapy among HIV individuals of South Africa (document)

These guidelines outline eligibility requirements and standard of procedure for prescribing Isoniazid Preventative Therapy (IPT) given an individual's TB and HIV status in South Africa. They are updated to include the current South African mandate which no longer requires the use of the tuberculin skin test to identify HIV infected people eligible for IPT. As authorized, "all HIV-infected people showing no signs or symptoms suggestive of active TB are eligible for TB prevention therapy." Also included are recommendations for regime dosage and duration as well as when and how to start.

Tuberculosis Strategic Plan for South Africa 2007-2011 (document)

These guidelines provide a strategic framework for what needs to be done to reduce the burden of TB in South Africa. The plan emphasizes implementing a coordinated multi-sectoral approach and highlights the need for: availability of adequate resources especially skilled human resources, sustained funding, partnership building, community mobilisation. Additionally, as stated in document "[f]ighting poverty to accelerate economic and social growth is critical for the success of this plan." It addresses the importance of having a functional integration of TB and HIV activities at facility level as well as priority infection control measures for MDR and XDR-TB.

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