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Documentary: Fire in the Blood (post)

When big pharma blocks essential HIV/AIDS medication to the third world, it is the poor who suffer.

Expect strong IP push from global pharma industry next year; WHO prescribes dose of reality (post)

NEW YORK – Strong intellectual property rights will be a top priority for the pharmaceutical industry internationally in the coming year and arguments for over IPRs versus medicines access are false, a top representative said at a high-level industry event this week. But views at the event differed on expectations of industry in light of the Ebola crisis, hepatitis C drug costs or other medicines access questions.

A two-part series on pharmaceutical companies (post)

Read a two-part series on pharmaceutical companies by Richard Anderson, Business reporter, BBC News:

Pharma trade group head causes a stir with a remark about patents (post)

File this under ‘Nothing like getting off to a good start.’

Advocates protest meetings between pharma lawyers and Indian officials (post)

Patient advocates in India are protesting meetings being held this week between a trade group that advocates for intellectual property rights on behalf of global drug makers and Indian government officials, including leading judges, who decide patent policies and cases.

MNCs deprive India of vital drugs (post)

MUMBAI: Some multinational companies (MNCs) have been delaying the launch of life-saving drugs in India years after getting monopoly rights, while cheaper generic versions of exorbitantly-priced medicines are going off the shelves under the product patenting law.

Stop subsidizing Big Pharma (post)

WASHINGTON — ROBERT J. BEALL, the president and chief executive of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, called his recent decision to sell the royalty rights to his organization’s research a “game changer.” Indeed: Deals like this, in which an investment company paid the foundation $3.3 billion for its future royalties from several cystic fibrosis drugs it helped finance, could revolutionize the way medical research is funded. Rather than the staid model of government-funded institutions handing out grants to academic research facilities, a new breed of “venture philanthropies” like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation could corral private investment into developing lifesaving drugs quickly and cheaply.

At high profile India US CEO meeting, President Obama calls for tougher intellectual property protection despite deadly impact on public health (post)

Press Statement: For Immediate Release: January 27 2015
Contact: Matthew Kavanagh, +1 202-486-2488,
Asia Russell, +1 267 475 2645,

A new index measures impact pharma has on infectious diseases (post)

The pharmaceutical industry regularly boasts that its efforts to develop treatments for infectious diseases in poor nations are making a difference. But for those wondering how to gauge those efforts, a new metric has been created.

Pharma narrowly defines when compulsory licenses should be used (post)

As the U.S. Trade Representative holds a hearing today to discuss how countries protect intellectual property, the pharmaceutical industry hopes to persuade the agency that countries should only be allowed to grant licenses to companies to make low-cost generic drugs when there is a health emergency. That posture, however, contradicts the position taken by the World Health Organization.

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