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Tuberculosis in Children (post with image)

TB has become a neglected disease, but it is particularly neglected in children. This article introduces the science of TB in children and describes childhood TB epidemics in different parts of the world.

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Rapid Advice: Treatment of Tuberculosis in Children (document)

This document provides recommendations based on recent evidence on the correct dosages of antituberculosis medicines for use in children and the regimens that should be used for different manifestations of the disease in children. Risks and benefits, acceptability, feasibility, cost and financial implications have all been considered.

Pediatric Infectious Disease Referral Guidelines: Tuberculosis in Children (document)

This guideline provides a simple outline for what action to take when a child presents with TB.

Management of Latent TB Infection in Children and Adolescents: A Handbook for the Primary Care Provider (document)

This handbook emphasizes the current practice in the United States for testing only those children identified as having risk factors for tuberculosis aka “targeted tuberculin testing.” Other topics covered include risk assessment, and treatment of LTBI in children and adolescents.

Guidance for national tuberculosis and HIV programmes on the management of tuberculosis in HIV-infected children: Recommendations for a public health approach (document)

This guidance document produced by The Union and in partnership with WHO was developed to assist health care workers of national TB and HIV control programs in resource-limited settings in preventing, diagnosing and treating TB in HIV-infected children. Topics covered in the document, as laid out by the Union, include: epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, special circumstances, prevention, supportive services, infection control and management issues.

Guidance for national tuberculosis programmes on the management of tuberculosis in children (document)

The strategy document aims to redress the chronic neglect of childhood TB. This document complements existing national and international guidelines and standards for managing TB. It fills the gaps in the existing materials and provides current recommendations based on the best available evidence. This document reflects two important recent policy changes: (1) NTPs should record and report two age groups for children (0–4 years and 5–14 years) using the quarterly reporting form and (2)the revised recommended dose of ethambutol is now 20 mg/kg (range 15–25 mg/kg) daily.

Guidelines for initiating a school-based directly observed therapy program (document)

This guideline document describes the advantages of having a school based DOTS program and how to go about setting up one. It addresses how to follow-up during the course of treatment and offers recommendations for potential adherence problems.

Desk-guide for diagnosis and management of TB in children (document)

This desk guide, based on NTP and WHO childhood TB and HIV case management guidelines, aims to improve: early an accurate case detection, management and outcome of children with TB and child contact screening. It focuses on: diagnosis of common forms of TB in children, how to treat, when to refer and management of children who are close contacts of TB cases.

Management of patients with multidrug-resistant/extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in Europe: a TBnet consensus statement (document)

The document summarises the current knowledge on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adults and children with MDR/XDR-TB and their contacts, and provides expert consensus recommendations on questions where scientific evidence is still lacking.

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