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UNITAID Tuberculosis Medicines Technology and Market Landscape (second edition) (post with simple image)

The report details current shortcomings in the tuberculosis medicines market and opportunities to improve access to lifesaving TB treatment.

20th Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines (post with simple image)

The deadline for the submission of public comments on applications to be considered by the 20th Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential medicines has been extended until Wednesday 25 February 2015.

TB Alliance advances next-generation TB drug candidate into clinical testing (post with simple image)

TBA-354 is the first potential tuberculosis drug to advance to Phase 1 trial in six years.

Antibiotic resistance: Why aren’t drug companies developing new medicines to stop superbugs? (post with simple image)

Antibiotics are a critical class of drugs that have failed to earn much investment by pharmaceutical companies in recent years. The industry cites their lack of profitability, so the U.S. government is stepping in with incentives and quick regulatory approvals.

Public comments to be considered by the Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines at the World Health Organization (post with simple image)

Community groups sent public comments in support of the addition of rifapentine, delamanid, bedaquiline and linezolid to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.

MSF issue brief: Ready, set, slow down (post with simple image)

New and promising DR-TB drugs are grabbing headlines but not reaching patients.

Treating drug-sensitive TB in India: Implementation of daily therapy with fixed-dose combinations (post with simple image)

A briefing document outlines critical steps needed to implement a new policy from the Indian government to switch to standard daily TB treatment using fixed-dose combinations. This change, which is in line with global recommendations for proper treatment, is welcome but has yet to be put into action.

Access to new medications for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis: Patient, provider and community perspectives (post with simple image)

This review outlines challenges in accessing drugs encountered from the perspective of clinicians, patients and affected communities, and offers potential solutions.

WHO moves to improve access to lifesaving medicines for hepatitis C, drug-resistant TB and cancers (post with simple image)

New WHO Model List of Essential Medicines published; After about 45 years of scarce innovation for TB medicines, 5 new products are included in the List. Four of these, including bedaquiline and delamanid, target multidrug-resistant TB.

Treatment of drug-resistant TB with new and repurposed medications: A supplemental field guide for nurses (post with simple image)

The guide focuses on issues of importance to nurses and the types of care they provide to individuals with drug-resistant TB.

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