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UNAIDS calls for earlier access to HIV and TB testing and treatment services (post with simple image)

UNAIDS is calling for an innovative, integrated effort to prevent HIV and TB - working together to increase resources and reach everyone living with HIV with key TB prevention interventions.

TB still major health concern in Indonesia (post with simple image)

Yulinda Santosa was talking enthusiastically to some people in the room. She was eloquent, cheerful and seemed perfectly healthy. It’s hard to believe that until last year she was still suffering from a serious illness that nearly killed her and forced her to put her life on hold for years.

South Africans living longer but drug-resistant TB a threat (post with simple image)

Two government reports published in March show that the nation’s health is improving dramatically, but more people are getting sick from forms of tuberculosis that are difficult to treat.

Return of the 'White Plague': Fears over the rise of 'incurable' TB (post with simple image)

"The disease has reached a public health emergency in South Africa. We treat 8,000 cases of resistance a year and now a chunk of those have developed resistance beyond XDR-TB - incurable TB."

MSF: Treating HIV and TB in Swaziland: “We didn’t know what to expect” (post with simple image)

With 26 percent of the adult population infected with HIV, Swaziland has the world’s highest HIV prevalence. The country is also faced with a tuberculosis (TB) epidemic. TB is the leading cause of death among people living with HIV, and is becoming more difficult to treat following the emergence of drug resistant forms of the disease. In Swaziland more than 80 percent of people infected with TB are living with HIV.

First-ever TB/HIV Networking Zone at AIDS 2014 (post with simple image)

For the first time, the International AIDS Conference will feature a dedicated hub for discussing the deadly duo of TB/HIV.

Fifteen years after war, Timor-Leste must ready itself for a new fight (post with simple image)

Rofino’s children look on anxiously as their father, all skin and bones, coughs away on his bed, his breath fluttering and weak. The 45-year-old has had tuberculosis for six years, and in early June was admitted to hospital after a spell of coughing up blood. Sharing the TB ward with him at the Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili are five smear-positive patients; in a neighboring ward, many more await test results.

What has TB got to do in an AIDS Conference? (post with simple image)

Well almost everything. Tuberculosis (TB) remains the most common AIDS-defining illness and the leading cause of death in people living with HIV (PLHIV) with 1 in 5 HIV-associated deaths in 2012 attributed to TB. At least one third of the 35.3 million living PLHIV worldwide are infected with latent TB. An estimated 1.1 million (13%) of the 8.6 million people who developed TB in 2012 were HIV-positive too.

ACTION: From rhetoric to reality: An analysis of efforts to scale up the response to TB-HIV (post with simple image)

A new research report from ACTION global health shows that joint TB-HIV activities are neglected by HIV programs and overwhelmingly carried out by TB programs, and that global guidelines to address TB-HIV have not been prioritized by leading donors and affected countries. 

Reduced treatment delays for people with drug-resistant TB and HIV co-infection through decentralised care and rapid Xpert MTB/RIF test (post with simple image)

Decentralisation of drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) management and use of the Xpert MTB/RIF test improves the time from clinic presentation to treatment from 50 days to 7 days in a population with a high burden of HIV and TB co-infection, according to a study from Khayelitsha, South Africa, presented at the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) on Monday.

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