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Update of WHO guidelines on the management of latent TB infection (post)

01 July 2019 | Geneva: In July 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) will convene a Guideline Development Group (GDG) to discuss what updates are needed to the current guidelines for programmatic management of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI).

South-East Asia Regional Action Plan on the Programmatic Management of Latent Tuberculosis Infection launched at the 72nd Regional Committee (post)

05 September 2019 | New Delhi: Health Ministers and experts from Member States of WHO South-East Asia Region began a week-long meeting in New Delhi this week to deliberate on priority public health issues and build on the recent momentum for elimination of communicable diseases.

Update of WHO TB diagnostic guidelines: Call for public comment (post)

End-users (i.e. policy makers; health professionals, including doctors, nurses and educators working in governmental and non-governmental organizations; TB patients) interested in providing comments on the scope of this guideline update are invited to submit their feedback until 26 September 2019.

South African National Tuberculosis Management Guidelines (document)

The guidelines formally introduce targeted screening to increase detection of TB cases, guidance for the use of GeneXpert and revised treatment regimens for retreatment patients. The 120-document also includes guidance on the management of adverse drug events and antiretroviral initiation for patients co-infected with HIV.

Guidelines for the management of tuberculosis in children (document)

The guidelines outline care and treatment for children with tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa, include better guidance on dosing children with TB in the absence of widely available paediatric formulations including changes to the recommended doses for some drugs and sections on TB diagnosis in HIV-infected children, TB preventative treatment and nutritional support.

India: Call for public-private health sector to follow standards of TB care (post with simple image)

First edition of Standards for TB Care in India released by Central TB Division, Government of India on World TB Day (24 March 2014).

South Africa: National Tuberculosis Management Guidelines 2014 (post with simple image)

The South African Department of Health has released its latest guidelines for the management of tuberculosis in adults.

WHO interim guidance on the use of delamanid in the treatment of MDR-TB (post with simple image)

The guidance lists five conditions that must be in place if delamanid is used to treat adults with MDR-TB.

WHO guidelines on the management of latent tuberculosis infection launched at the 45th Conference on Lung Health (post with simple image)

For the first time, the World Health Organization has issued guidelines on testing, treating and managing latent TB infection in individuals with high risk of developing disease.

Guide for providing technical support to TB laboratories in low- and middle-income countries (post with simple image)

The guide is intended to familiarize those who are providing technical assistance to TB laboratories in low- and middle-income countries with WHO recommendations and international best practices.

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