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TB patients on bedaquiline have half the mortality of those not on the drug: WHO chief (post)

The WHO will be releasing new recommendations for the treatment of multidrug-resistant and rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (MDR/RR-TB) later this year, which will speak in more detail about the usage of the new drugs bedaquiline and delamanid.

WHO guidelines address need for physical health management in severe mental illness (post)

WHO has released evidence-based guidelines for managing physical health conditions in adults with severe mental disorders, according to a press release.

ECDC issues migrant screening and vaccination guidance (post)

Increased rates of migration to and within the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA) in recent years has made the development of migration policy, including health policy, a priority for the region. ECDC is supporting this by issuing guidance to EU/EEA member states, in order to facilitate effective screening and vaccination for priority infectious diseases among newly arrived migrant populations.

Webinar: Introduction of the Nursing Guide for Managing Side Effects to Drug-resistant TB Treatment (post)

RESIST-TB and The Union’s Nurses and Allied Professionals Sub-Section (NAPS) will host a webinar on 16 January 2019 to discuss the Nursing Guide for Managing Side Effects to Drug-resistant TB Treatment, developed by the Curry International Tuberculosis Center (CITC) and the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

New Union technical guide for the co-management of diabetes mellitus-TB published (post)

The guide, developed in partnership with the World Diabetes Foundation, provides essential information for frontline health professionals for the management and care of people with both diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis (DM-TB).

WHO issues updated recommendations on TB infection prevention and control (post)

The World Health Organization has just issued updated WHO guidelines on TB infection prevention and control. These guidelines outline a new evidence-based framework that promotes the implementation of an integrated package of Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) interventions based on administrative, engineering, and respiratory protection controls. This will contribute to cutting transmission and reducing the burden of TB illness and death to reach the global targets of the End TB Strategy and the political declaration of the UN High Level meeting on TB.

Now is the time for shorter all-oral regimens for multidrug-resistant TB (post)

The newly revised WHO guidelines for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment includes major changes from the previous version, published in 2016. Notably, drugs such as bedaquiline, linezolid, and clofazimine are now strongly recommended for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. At the same time, older drugs, such as injectables, ethionamide, and para-aminosalicyclic acid, have been downgraded due to poor effectiveness and side-effect profiles. These new recommendations, if implemented, are expected to have a huge impact globally, increasing access of patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis to more effective and safer drug regimens that avoid debilitating side-effects, such as permanent hearing loss.

WHO webinar on 2018 DR-TB guidelines with TB stakeholders (post)

The World Health Organization (WHO) Task Force to support country transition towards new recommendations for the treatment of drug-resistant TB (DR-TB), created in August 2018, invites all interested TB stakeholders to participate in a webinar hosted by the WHO Global TB Program on 22 May 2019 from 14:00 to 15:30 (Central European Summer Time).

Guidelines nix annual TB testing for most healthcare workers (post)

Healthcare workers should be tested for tuberculosis (TB) when they are hired and should be retested only after an occupational exposure, according to new guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Management of TB in HIV patients: British HIV Association guideline (post)

The British HIV Association has released an updated guideline for the management of TB in patients with HIV.

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