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Global Fund donors pledge US$14 billion in fight to end epidemics (post with simple image)

Donors at the Global Fund's Sixth Replenishment Conference pledged US$14.02 billion for the next three years – the largest amount ever raised for a multilateral health organization, and the largest amount by the Global Fund.

Lack of new antibiotics threatens global efforts to contain drug-resistant infections (post with simple image)

Two new reports of the World Health Organization reveal a weak pipeline for antibiotic agents.

G-Finder 2019 report: Neglected disease research and development: Uneven progress (post with simple image)

Policy Cures Research released the G-Finder 2019 report analysing research and development funding trends for 36 neglected diseases, including TB.

Global health and human rights organizations denounce Trump Administration decision to pull commitments to WHO during COVID-19 crisis (post with simple image)

Cutting global health funding in the middle of a pandemic will only prolong the devastating loss of life and economic damage in the U.S. and across the world, and undermine the response to other infectious diseases, including HIV, TB, and hepatitis C.

UNAIDS urges governments to ensure that HIV service providers from community-led organizations are recognized as essential service providers in the context of COVID-19 (post with simple image)

Community-led health service delivery has become even more critical in the context of COVID-19, as the needs of marginalized community members and the burden on the health sector are increasing, making it vital that continued provision of HIV, TB and other health services is secured.

World Health Assembly ends with global commitment to COVID-19 response (post with simple image)

The 73rd World Health Assembly adopts a resolution to bring the world together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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