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UN chief appoints new Special Envoy in move to end Tuberculosis (post with simple image)

Dr. Eric Goosby, the new UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis, will work towards boosting the profile of the fight against TB and promoting the adoption, financing and implementation of the UN WHO’s global End TB Strategy after 2015.

Fighting tuberculosis in the European region requires urgent support. Take action today! (post with simple image)

The TB Europe Coalition launches the Fight TB 2015 campaign to ensure that European leaders step up their response to TB to save millions of lives.

New UN envoy joins campaign to end TB (post with simple image)

Eric Goosby tells Fiona Fleck why tuberculosis prevention and care should be integrated into a comprehensive package of health services for which universal health coverage is essential.

TAG open letter to the Global Plan Development Task Force (post with simple image)

Re: Inclusion of pediatric-specific targets in the Global Plan to Stop TB, 2016-2020

Counting down to World TB Day: Message from the Executive Secretary, Stop TB Partnership (post with simple image)

The past decade has shown what is possible when we work together. We want to make this year a memorable one for TB and we want patients and communities to speak up and be at the core of our efforts this year.

Tuberculosis: MSF letter to Latvia MOH and Health & Food Safety EU Commissioner (post with simple image)

Ahead of the 1st Eastern Partnership Ministerial Conference on Tuberculosis (TB) and Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis due to be held in Riga, Latvia on March 30-31, 2015 Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) shares their experience and recommedations on how to address the deadly gaps in fighting TB.

Civil society urges the Health & Food Safety EU Commissioner to plan coordinated response to tackle tuberculosis in Europe (post with simple image)

More than 45 civil society organisations co-submitted a letter to the new EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety to use his role to champion the need for an improved response to the multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) epidemic in the European region.

Civil society calls for the retirement of stigmatizing and criminalizing language from the global TB discourse (post with simple image)

An open letter requests that The Union take steps to retire the use of stigmatizing and criminalizing terminology from the papers published in its journals and the abstracts submitted to its conferences.

Second Advisory Committee meeting for the new TB Action Plan of the WHO European Region, 2016–2020 (post with simple image)

The Joint Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Programme (JTH) held the second meeting of the Advisory Committee for the new TB Action Plan of the WHO European Region, 2016–2020. The meeting was held on Wednesday 4 March 2015 at the Regional Office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Committee includes representatives from high- and low-TB-incidence countries, patient representatives and key partner organizations, such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) and WHO headquarters.The meeting was an important milestone for reviewing the strategic directions, targets and areas of interventions of the new Action Plan, as well as inputs received from the European Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis Control (TAG-TB) and the Regional Consultation meetings held at the Regional Office 25-27 November 2014. 

Each day 1000 people fall sick with tuberculosis in the European Region (post with simple image)

Tuberculosis cases down by 6% in 2013 – pace too slow to reach elimination this century. Rates of MDR-TB remain at very high levels, making the European Region the most affected area of the entire world.

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