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Louder Than TB: add your voice and help us turn up the volume! (post with simple image)

Add your voice – be Louder Than TB! Visit to learn how you can turn up the volume!

Unite to End TB - A call to action from the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Stop TB Partnership Board (post with simple image)

This World TB Day must turn a new page in the history of the fight against TB.  

Eric Goosby: Giving voice to the voiceless (post with simple image)

A giant ribbon will not hang in front of the White House. No marches will be held. The lights on the Empire State building will not shine a special color. Instead, March 24th - World TB Day -is just like most any other day. Little attention will be paid to the fact that tuberculosis is now the number one infectious disease killer in the world.

Infection prevention, control and surveillance: Limiting the development and spread of drug-resistance (post with simple image)

A report by the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance examines the central role that infection prevention, control, and surveillance need to play in combatting the rise of drug-resistant infections, including drug-resistant TB.

Key populations brief: Mobile populations (post with simple image)

The Stop TB Partnership released the first of a series of publications on the different TB key populations, Key populations brief: Mobile populations.

Advocates, alarmed by appalling global response to MDR-TB outbreak in Papua New Guinea, call on international agencies to take action (post with simple image)

Advocates denounced the global response to an MDR-TB outbreak in Papua New Guinea and urged international agencies to immediately intervene.

UN Zero Draft Political Declaration calls for joint action on TB and AIDS (post with simple image)

The Zero Draft 2016 Political Declaration released ahead of the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS contains ambitious commitments to put the world on track to end AIDS and TB by 2030.

Position paper: Sustainable transition from donor support in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (post with simple image)

TB Europe Coalition released a position paper with recommendations for stakeholders in countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) to ensure a sustainable and responsible transition from donor support, and continued scale up of TB and HIV activities.

Stop TB Partnership launches seven key population briefs (post with simple image)

The Stop TB Partnership released a series of briefs on TB key populations recognizing that reaching everyone with services, diagnostics, treatment and care is essential to ending the TB epidemic. The briefs focus on children, miners, mobile populations, urban populations, prisoners, rural populations and people who use drugs.

Tackling drug-resistant infections globally: final report and recommendations (post with simple image)

The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance released its final report and recommendations warning that antimicrobial-resistant infections such as drug-resistant tuberculosis could kill 10 million people a year by 2050 without an urgent expansion of resources and funds.

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