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Testing and treating the missing millions with tuberculosis (post with simple image)

Writing in observation of World Tuberculosis Day 2015, for which the Stop TB Partnership has established the theme "Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone," Madhukar Pai and Puneet Dewan call on national TB programs to retool in order to meet the ambitious goal of ending TB by 2035.

Open Letter to WHO: Time to report preventive TB therapy for children (post with simple image)

On World TB Day, members of the global childhood TB community sent an open letter to the World Health Organization requesting they include the number of children under the age of five and the number of children with HIV started on preventive TB therapy in the annual Global Tuberculosis Report by 2016.

ECDC: Tuberculosis in Europe: from passive control to active elimination – high- and low-incidence countries (post with simple image)

This four-page evidence brief provides an overview of tuberculosis control and elimination efforts in the EU/EEA, with a particular focus on the epidemiological differences between high- and low-incidence countries.

Mario Raviglione: an ambitious new strategy to end tuberculosis (post with simple image)

To coincide with World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March, the World Health Organization has called for support to achieve an ambitious new 20-year strategy to end the tuberculosis epidemic by 2035. Mario Raviglione, director of the WHO’s Global TB Programme, explains how the strategy will be implemented.

WHO's new End TB Strategy (post with simple image)

The strategy has a vision of making the world free of tuberculosis, with zero deaths, disease, and suffering due to the disease.

Europe’s leaders approve Riga Declaration on TB and MDR-TB (post with simple image)

At the conclusion of the first Eastern Partnership Ministerial Conference on Tuberculosis and Its Multidrug-Resistance, the TB Europe Coalition applauds the approval of the Riga Declaration by Ministers of Health, Finance and Social Affairs from across European Union Member States and Eastern Partnership countries.

As first EU Ministerial meeting on tuberculosis closes, MSF calls on the EU to triple funding for TB R&D (post with simple image)

Médecins Sans Frontières calls on the European Union to take concrete actions to boost the regional fight against TB, including tripling European funding for research and development.

End stigmatizing language in tuberculosis research and practice (post with simple image)

Terms that invoke metaphors of transgression and punishment cause harm, say Mike Frick, Dalene von Delft, and Blessina Kumar.

Riga Declaration paves the way to ending TB in the European Region (post with simple image)

In her keynote speech at the 1st Eastern Partnership Ministerial Conference on Tuberculosis and Its Multi-Drug Resistance, held on 30–31 March in Riga, Latvia, Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, declared: "Europe is in a position to lead prevention, care and the innovation of new tools in the fight against TB, and to pave the way for TB elimination. It is only through regional collaboration and cooperation that we can achieve this goal, so that our children will live in a world free of TB." 

Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board Meeting opens in Paris (post with simple image)

14 April 2015 - Paris, France - The 26th Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board meeting hosted by France at the French Ministry of Health opened in Paris today. The high-level Board meeting is chaired by the Minister of Health for South Africa and Chair of the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board, Dr Aaron Motsoledi and the Vice Chair, Dr Joanne Carter, Executive Director of RESULTS USA.

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