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Interventions for treating tuberculous pericarditis (post)

Researchers from South Africa and Canada have carried out a Cochrane review update to assess the safety and effectiveness of corticosteroids for treating tuberculous pericarditis.

GCTA Community Chitter Chatter on TB stigma in children (post)

Chinmay Modi, a young man of 25 years from India, living openly with HIV, struggled to get a correct diagnosis for TB for one and a half years before he was finally diagnosed with TB in his lymph nodes when he was 15. He took TB treatment for a year and today he is a strong TB/HIV advocate.

PET scans to optimize TB meningitis treatments and personalize care, study finds (post)

Although relatively rare in the United States, and accounting for fewer than 5 percent of tuberculosis cases worldwide, TB of the brain--or tuberculosis meningitis (TBM)--is often deadly, always hard to treat, and a particular threat to young children. It may leave survivors with lifelong brain damage. Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine report they have used PET scans, a rabbit model and a specially tagged version of the TB drug rifampin to advance physicians' understanding of this disease by showing precisely how little rifampin ever reaches the sites of TB infection in the brain.

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CROI 2014: New drugs, novel combos top tuberculosis news at conference (post with simple image)

With increased TB activism and research into new treatments, preventive therapies, and diagnostics, the space devoted to TB at CROI has increased substantially.

Tuberculosis in adults and children (post with simple image)

A monograph written for healthcare workers in any setting who are faced with the complex care for patients with tuberculosis.

Undercover tuberculosis: How South Africa’s top killer slips in under the radar (post with simple image)

Lindiwe Mkwanazi (32) looks past her left leg that’s resting on a low table in the direction of the small box-style TV. Sitting in the one-seater maroon couch, her body is as still as the building she spends almost all of her time in – a run-down block of flats in Mayville, an increasingly industrialised suburb just a few kilometres from Durban’s central business district.

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