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Corticosteroids for managing tuberculous meningitis (post)

The Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group (CIDG) have carried out a review update to evaluate the effects of corticosteroids being used alongside anti-tuberculosis medication to treat people suffering from tuberculous meningitis.

India: Increasing burden brings forth patients with ocular tuberculosis (post)

Ophthalmologists across the country are recording more and more cases of ocular tuberculosis, particularly patients with tubercular uveitis, a form of inflammation of the middle layer (uvea) of the eye caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis or by the interaction between the body's immune system and mycobacteria.

'I have tuberculosis in my brain' (post)

Johnny Islam, 29, is from Leyton in east London. Although having TB in the brain is rare, the disease itself is not.

Early, intensified TB meningitis treatment decreases mortality risk (post)

Early and intensified medication improved survival in patients with isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis meningitis, according to researchers.

Biological fingerprint of tuberculosis meningitis discovered in children (post)

Children with tuberculosis meningitis - a brain and spinal cord infection that leads to disability and death -- have a biological fingerprint that can be used to assess the severity of the condition, help decide the best course of treatment, and provide clues for novel treatments, scientists at the Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London and the University of Cape Town reveal.

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