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Access sought to tuberculosis drug from nutraceutical company (post with simple image)

Erica Lessem: Otsuka claims to have a compassionate use program, but there is nothing compassionate about only allowing a handful of patients to access delamanid.

Phase 2a published results show the potential of a new TB regimen with novel drugs bedaquiline and pretomanid (PA-824) (post with simple image)

Results of study testing BPaZ published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine; Regimen now being tested in Phase 2b clinical trial

Australian boats help stop the spread of tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea (post with simple image)

Four specially crafted boats are heading from Australia's north-east coast to Papua New Guinea as part of a program to help stop the spread of tuberculosis in the country.

India: TB catch-all strategy rings alarm (post with simple image)

New Delhi, Feb. 1: Doctors in India have detected what they say is a disturbing rise in the proportion of patients with tuberculosis resistant to second-line drugs that are used only when key first-line medicines have failed.

Review on Antimicrobial Resistance publishes new paper: Tackling a global health crisis: initial steps (post with simple image)

Independent review recommends first steps to tackle drug-resistant superbugs.

Stop TB Partnership's Global Drug Facility (GDF) achieves historic price reduction for MDR-TB drug Cycloserine (post with simple image)

This price reduction is expected to save up to USD 22 million annually, enabling treatment for more people living with MDR-TB.

Call to action: Accelerate access to DR-TB drugs (post with simple image)

SIGN ON LETTER to global actors and drug companies: Please provide organizational sign-ons by 6 March.

Call to action: Accelerate access to DR-TB drugs (post with simple image)

А letter from 89 organizations urges action to accelerate access to new and repurposed drugs to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis.

MSF: Multidrug-resistant TB strain in Swaziland not detectable by most advanced rapid diagnostic tests (post with simple image)

It is essential to conduct studies that can determine whether this mutation is present in neighboring countries such as South Africa or Mozambique: “If we’re facing wide distribution of this strain in Southern Africa or elsewhere, it is imperative that the rapid molecular tests we currently use, as well as those under development, be adapted to detect a wider range of mutations”.

Global Phase 3 “STAND” trial launched to test new tuberculosis drug regimen PaMZ to shorten, improve treatment (post with simple image)

STAND trial will take place in approximately 50 study sites in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Latin America; Results published in The Lancet show PaMZ’s promise to dramatically shorten and simplify therapy for patients with drug-resistant TB; Regimen could improve treatment for those with drug-sensitive TB and those with HIV co-infection.

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