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MSF: Multidrug-resistant TB strain in Swaziland not detectable by most advanced rapid diagnostic tests (post with simple image)

It is essential to conduct studies that can determine whether this mutation is present in neighboring countries such as South Africa or Mozambique: “If we’re facing wide distribution of this strain in Southern Africa or elsewhere, it is imperative that the rapid molecular tests we currently use, as well as those under development, be adapted to detect a wider range of mutations”.

Global Phase 3 “STAND” trial launched to test new tuberculosis drug regimen PaMZ to shorten, improve treatment (post with simple image)

STAND trial will take place in approximately 50 study sites in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Latin America; Results published in The Lancet show PaMZ’s promise to dramatically shorten and simplify therapy for patients with drug-resistant TB; Regimen could improve treatment for those with drug-sensitive TB and those with HIV co-infection.

The Lancet: Results of Phase 2b trial of novel TB regimen PaMZ show potential to shorten, improve TB treatment (post with simple image)

Phase 3 STAND trial launched to advance PaMZ through final stage of testing.

Leading medical organizations team up to bring new TB treatments to those in need (post with simple image)

International organizations Partners In Health (PIH), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Interactive Research and Development (IRD) and their financial partner UNITAID will start in April the endTB project, a partnership aimed at radically changing the management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

MSF issue brief: Ready, set, slow down (post with simple image)

New and promising DR-TB drugs are grabbing headlines but not reaching patients.

Access to new medications for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis: Patient, provider and community perspectives (post with simple image)

This review outlines challenges in accessing drugs encountered from the perspective of clinicians, patients and affected communities, and offers potential solutions.

Why are rates of drug-resistant TB so high in Russia? (post with simple image)

Natalya, 31, from Saint Petersburg, is being treated for a new and virulent form of an ancient disease ravaging Russia.

MSF urges EU Health Commissioner and EU Health Ministers not to skip critical regional Ministerial conference on TB next week (post with simple image)

Lack of political commitment will jeopardize momentum for stronger TB action across the region.

MSF’s DR-TB report proves 'decentralised' model is better, more cost effective (post with simple image)

The decentralised model is aimed at diagnosing and treating the majority of DR-TB patients in primary health clinics, instead of being required to be hospitalised for up to six months.

The bedaquiline donation program started on April 1 (post with simple image)

A webinar, explaining the bedaquiline donation program, will be conducted on April 14, 2015 at 8:00 am EST and can be accessed here.

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