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MSF technical brief: A rapid TB test for people living with HIV (post with simple image)

TB LAM can help close the deadly TB testing gap.

Time to lower the price of Xpert cartridges to US$ 5 (post with simple image)

Advocates request Cepheid immediately reduce the price of Xpert tests to US$ 5, inclusive of service and maintenance; the company responds they are “not able to predict the amount of further reductions or when they may be available.”

Protestors demand Cepheid halve the price of GeneXpert TB tests to US$5 (post with simple image)

The high cost of GeneXpert tests for TB leaves open a critical gap in the diagnosis of TB and fails to consider volume of sales and public investments in the development of GeneXpert.

TAG’s 2019 Pipeline Report: Three TB sections released (post with simple image)

The sections provide an overview of TB diagnostics, vaccines and treatment.

WHO updates policy for the use of TB LAM test (post with simple image)

The World Health Organization now recommends more broader use of urinary LAM assays for diagnosis of TB in people living with HIV.

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