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South Africa: More than 40,000 prisoners screened for MDR-TB (post)

More than 40,000 prisoners have been screened for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) this year as government attempts to tackle TB in correctional facilities.

Prisoners' health rights routinely violated in SA's jails (post)

The health needs of South Africa’s almost 160?000 prisoners and remand detainees are in the hands of 818 professional nurses, 11 doctors, 24 pharmacists and 24 psychologists. That is one professional nurse for every 195 inmates and one doctor for every 14?545 prisoners.

EECA: HIV and TB in prisons (post)

Prisons are often a catalyst for the outbreak of contagious disease epidemics. Prisoners are, therefore, much more likely to contract and spread diseases. This article will explore why prisoners are at greater risk for contracting certain infections, why this inequity should not be tolerated, and how this issue is innately connected to the public health of the general population.

South Africa's notorious Pollsmoor prison joins the global battle against TB (post)

As the Stop TB Partnership launches a global plan to end tuberculosis, the prison where Nelson Mandela caught the disease fights back with mass screenings

Studies: Progress against TB hindered by faltering response to disease among key affected populations (post)

A series of new studies on TB among incarcerated persons, bovine strains of TB found in cattle that are transmitting to humans, and TB in children show that key affected populations are facing unique risks. These risks must be addressed in order to end TB by 2035, as called for by the World Health Organization’s End TB Strategy. The studies are being presented at the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Cape Town, South Africa.

TB in Mumbai prisons a steadily growing crisis (post)

On January 5 this year, Ahmad Khalid Mohammad’s family in Somalia wrote to his advocate in Mumbai. They pleaded to have Mohammad, currently in Taloja jail, shifted to a private hospital, and offered to pay the bills. One among the 100-odd alleged pirates arrested on the high seas in 2011, Mohammed, 30, suffers from a multi-drug resistant (MDR) strain of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). Their fears are not unfounded. The Indian Express has found that cases of TB in a Mumbai prison is eight times higher than the average prevalence in India.

Webinar on TB in correctional facilities (post)

The International Union Against TB and Lung Diseases is hosting a webinar on TB in correctional facilities on March 9, 2016 at 15:00 (CET).

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