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Urgent need to address the Global Fund procurement cliff for TB (post with simple image)

Activists urge the Global Fund and donors to take prompt action to address the grave risks posed to countries that are rapidly shifting from pooled procurement of TB medicines and commodities.

HIV and TB treatment at risk as countries gradually lose Global Fund support (post with simple image)

Médecins Sans Frontières calls on Global Fund Board to make urgent changes to prevent drug stock-outs and quality issues.

World TB Day 2019 theme announced (post with simple image)

IT'S TIME... to get ready for World TB Day 2019!

New TAG report: Funding for TB research climbed to new high in 2017 (post with simple image)

Global funding for TB research climbed to a previously unreported high of USD $772 million in 2017.

AIDS, TB and malaria: Don't be infected by indifference: Sign a petition! (post with simple image)

The petition will be delivered to the Heads of States and Governments prior to the next Global Fund replenishment conference in October 2019.

Revamped WHO Civil Society Task Force (post with simple image)

The World Health Organization has revamped its Civil Society Task Force on TB to strengthen collaboration for accelerating progress towards ending TB.

Advocates call on Kenyan government to immediately address dangerous stock out of diagnostic tests for TB (post with simple image)

Advocates call for removal of regulatory barriers, which contributed to the ongoing national stock out of GeneXpert MTB/RIF cartridges.

Advocates call on Indian government to improve its response to drug-resistant TB (post with simple image)

Advocates call for minimizing the use of injectable agents and scaling up universal drug susceptibility testing.

TB activists for first time challenge TB drug patent in India (post with simple image)

TB activists for first time challenge TB drug patent in India, in bid to prevent Johnson & Johnson from extending monopoly.

IT'S TIME for World TB Day 2019 (post with simple image)

#WorldTBDay2019 campaign starts now; The Stop TB Partnership releases World TB Day 2019 campaign toolkit.

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