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First Community App developed for TB communities (post with simple image)

4 July 2017 - Geneva, Switzerland - Responding to demand from communities and civil society, the Stop TB Partnership, in collaboration with community organizations and Dure Technologies from Switzerland have developed the first TB Community App for people with TB. The App empowers communities by helping them to collect, analyze, understand and communicate key information about the local TB response with regards to the availability and quality of services, barriers to accessing these services and inequalities. The information generated can then be reported by community actors to the local and national level TB program management units to contribute to improved quality and access to services.

Tuberculosis makes the G20 Declaration (post with simple image)

The G20 Leaders' Declaration carries an important section on antimicrobial resistance, and tuberculosis is identified as a priority for research and development.

‘Africans must work hard to eliminate TB’ (post with simple image)

The Executive Director of Afro Global Alliance, a health advocacy group, Chief Austin Obiefuna, has urged Africans to work hard to eliminate tuberculosis (TB) from the system.

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