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TB REACH launches call for proposals (post with simple image)

TB REACH initiative is now accepting applications to fund innovative TB approaches and technologies. The deadline for applications is 5 September 2016.

Advocates appeal to the Union Board to host Union World Conferences on Lung Health in high TB burden countries (post with simple image)

TB advocates ask that, at a minimum, every second Union World Conference be held in a country with a high burden of TB and/or lung disease.

As U.N. General Assembly starts, MSF urges governments to set medical research policies that align with people’s health needs (post with simple image)

New MSF report exposes pharma industry failings and highlights new ways of researching and developing medicines that address public health needs.

Advocates call on pharma companies to improve access to MDR-TB drugs (post with simple image)

TB advocates urge Janssen and Otsuka to improve the affordability and availability of bedaquiline and delamanid.

Stop TB Partnership calls for U.N. High-Level Meeting on TB in 2017 (post with simple image)

The High-Level Meeting would bring together Heads of States, political leaders, U.N. agencies, and people affected by TB to push for a renewed and well-funded global response at the highest political levels in order to end TB.

South Africa: No more delays Minister Davies – we need medicines (post with simple image)

1000 activists march to demand urgent reform of outdated patent laws in South Africa; The Fix the Patent Laws launches a new medicines report showing how patents stop people from accessing nine important medicines in the country.

Experts call for action against food- and animal-borne TB (post with simple image)

Leading veterinary experts and authorities from global public health, animal health and agriculture organisations have published the first-ever call to action against animal- and food-borne TB in humans.

Funding for TB research falls to lowest level in seven years (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group’s Report on Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, 2005–2015: No Time to Lose shows that the world spent US$620.6 million on TB research and development in 2015, the lowest level of funding since 2008.

Sign a petition: Call for BRICS countries to triple funding for TB R&D (post with simple image)

The petition will be delivered to the BRICS Ministers of Health on 14 November 2016, prior to their meeting in December in New Delhi.

An Activist’s Guide to Tuberculosis Drugs 2016 Update (post with simple image)

The guide provides a brief summary of safety and efficacy data for the drugs currently in use for TB, and suggests advocacy points for activists.

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