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Improving regulatory systems to address global TB drug access failures (post with simple image)

Worldwide inefficiencies in drug approval processes are proving disastrous for people living with TB and other diseases.

The FDA’s concession conundrum (post with simple image)

Can regulatory incentives promote responsible TB drug development?

HAI and MSF report shows European Commission’s access to medicines commitments are ‘empty gestures’ (post with simple image)

NGOs urge Commission to align trade, health, research and development policies in comprehensive access to medicines strategy

Newest MDR-TB drug prices could fall by up to 95% through generic production (post with simple image)

The cost of newer drugs for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis could be cut by up to 95% if generic production of patented products could be achieved in the same way as for antiretroviral drugs.

WIPO, WTO, WHO heads underline need for better access to medicines (post with simple image)

October 28, 2015 - Trade, health, and intellectual property came together today as the heads of three specialised international organisations held an annual symposium to stimulate discussions on how the three can best help public health, and notably access to medicines in developing countries.

Intravenous rifampicin reintroduced in South Africa (post with simple image)

Equity Pharmaceuticals is the new supplier of the drug.

India and Africa strengthen partnership on accessible and affordable medicines (post with simple image)

During a high-level event on 30 October on the sidelines of the Third India-Africa Forum Summit 2015 in New Delhi, India, leaders from India, the African Union, several African nations and major Indian pharmaceutical companies pledged to address existing and emerging challenges to health commodity security in Africa.

The Medicines Patent Pool expands mandate to hepatitis C and tuberculosis treatment (post with simple image)

TB is the leading cause of death for people living with HIV and killed 1.5 million people globally in 2014 alone. TB treatment has become more complex, particularly with the emergence of multidrug-resistant strains of TB. The Medicines Patent Pool, the world’s only voluntary licensing mechanism in public health, will now work to ensure access to new treatments for drug-resistant and drug-susceptible TB.

New developments in the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis: clinical utility of bedaquiline and delamanid (post with simple image)

As countries improve and scale up their diagnostic services, increasing number of patients with multidrug-resistant TB and extensively drug-resistant TB are identified. Bedaquiline and delamanid offer a real opportunity to improve the outcomes of these patients. After so many decades without new TB drugs the development of these two new medicines is an historic opportunity to gain ground in the fight against TB.

Uganda: Civil society calls for more HIV/AIDS, TB funding (post with simple image)

November 10, 2015 - Civil society organizations (CSOs) under their umbrella organization the National Forum of People Living with HIV/AIDS Network in Uganda (NAFOPHANU) have launched a campaign to challenge the government to ensure that the country does not run out of essentials drugs.

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