Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Avesthagen, CosmosID ink pact for diagnosis of TB

Bangalore, February 8, 2012: Avesthagen Limited – India’s leading sytems biology biotechnology company, has signed a MOU with CosmosID™, a U.S. based company for collaborating to correctly diagnose and therapeutically manage Tuberculosis treatment.

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South Africa: MDR-TB trials could make a tangible difference for children

A team from Stellenbosch University's Desmond Tutu TB Centre will be monitoring 200 children at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital in Cape Town over the next five years in a potentially groundbreaking trial.

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Gates Foundation invests in cutting-edge research to diagnose tuberculosis in developing countries

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced $7.7 million in funding for 10 new grants to identify biomarkers for diagnosing tuberculosis (TB) in low-resource settings.

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Europe: Management of TB cases falls short of international standards

The management of tuberculosis cases in the European Union (EU) is not meeting international standards, according to new research.

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Cambodia: Budget fears as TB figures fall

Health officials and workers are concerned about budget shortages for the treatment of tuberculosis in the Kingdom as new data reveals that prevalence of the disease has declined 37 percent from 2002, officials said yesterday.

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Childhood TB: Act before it is too late

A significant proportion - about 15% to 20% - of all tuberculosis (TB) occurs in children in India, where paediatric TB is a serious, but under-recognized and neglected public health problem.

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Cambodia's tuberculosis prevalence rate declines sharply in last decade: new survey

PHNOM PENH, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The tuberculosis prevalence rate in Cambodia has seen a 36 percent decline in the last decade, according to a new survey released on Wednesday.

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US gives Vietnam help in testing TB

The United States has given Vietnam new equipment to help speed up the diagnosis of a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis.

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Should efavirenz be dosed higher when coadministered with rifampin?

On January 6, 2012, the FDA announced that the package insert for efavirenz has been updated to include a new dosing recommendation for HIV-infected patients with tuberculosis (TB): When efavirenz is coadministered with rifampin in patients weighing ≥50 kg, it should be dosed at 800 mg once daily instead of the usual 600 mg daily. The evidence cited to support this recommendation is from drug–drug interaction trials and a pharmacokinetic modeling study. These studies suggest that coadministration reduces systemic exposure to efavirenz when that drug is given at 600 mg daily, but not when it is given at 800 mg daily; at the higher dose, systemic exposure is comparable to that achieved when efavirenz is dosed at 600 mg daily without rifampin.

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WHO asks India to conduct nationwide study on MDR-TB

Multi drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is spreading far and wide across the globe. The latest World Health Organisation (WHO) analysis published on Saturday said cases of MDR-TB had now been reported from 80 countries, in some instances in almost 30% of all newly diagnosed cases.

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