Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Early HIV therapy in patients with TB saves lives

In HIV/TB patients with a badly eroded immune system, early treatment of HIV saves lives, researchers found.

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Zimbabwe: GeneXpert makes TB testing faster, effective

Murambinda Mission Hospital has made strides in providing quality health care as an integrated health centre. Three years ago it was reported that patients were sleeping at the hospital to access health services.

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New WIPO-WHO drug R&D database would pool neglected disease licences

The World Intellectual Property Organization, in conjunction with the World Health Organization, private sector and foundation partners, is preparing to launch a new voluntary database for the sharing of intellectual property for research and development on medicines, vaccines and diagnostics for neglected diseases, according to sources in Geneva.

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Russia pledges money to support HIV, TB programs in neighboring countries

"Russia plans to step up its international role in fighting infectious disease across eastern Europe and central Asia, in what some observers see as the latest effort by the Kremlin to reassert its political influence over its former Soviet neighbors," the Financial Times reports. "Arkady Dvorkovich, economic aide to President Dmitry Medvedev, pledged money for a new international development agency to support programs against HIV and tuberculosis (TB)" at the Millennium Development Goal 6 Forum hosted in Moscow last week, the newspaper notes.

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Gambia: National TB programme, MRC sign TB prevalence survey agreement

The National TB Control Programme under the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC) The United Kingdom Unit recently signed an agreement to conduct survey on control of TB in The Gambia.

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Zambia: UTH embarks on new TB diagnostic method

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has embarked on a project of evaluating new and practical tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic methods using a loop-medicated isothermal amplification (LAMP) which is said to be rapid, cost effective and simple does not require sophisticated equipment compared to the conventional method currently beingused.

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Trudeau Institute announces its latest discovery in the fight against tuberculosis

Saranac Lake, N.Y. – New research from the Trudeau Institute may help in the ongoing fight against tuberculosis. Dr. Andrea Cooper's lab has discovered a connection between the development of new lymphoid tissue within the lung and protection against the disease. The new data will be published in the November 1 print issue of The Journal of Immunology (Vol. 187, Num. 10) and is available now online ahead of print.

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Immunitor publishes Phase II immunotherapy trial in treatment-failed TB patients

The results from a one-month clinical trial of immunotherapy of tuberculosis were published in the Open Journal of Immunology – an open access journal - with full text of article available at ( The study involved 48 TB patients who were treated for an average of six years with conventional TB drugs and failed to respond. As a result they were placed on so-called palliative therapy consisting of just two TB drugs, isoniazid and rifampicin. These patients were then given one daily pill of V5 immunomodulator in addition to their palliative treatment and checked after one month for the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in their sputum. Surprisingly 30 patients (62.5%) had cleared TB-causing bacterium and their clinical symptoms improved significantly. Increased weight gain and reduced fever and inflammation biomarkers associated with TB were most common signs of improvement.

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Millions in Africa depend on Global Fund’s good work

Patricia Akinyi (42) is from Busia, Kenya, but she currently lives in central Nairobi with her sister because she has to visit a TB treatment clinic at Kenyatta National Hospital every day. She will have to do this for at least another year, possibly more.

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Slightly higher tuberculosis risk for people with celiac disease

Some research has shown celiac disease to be associated with higher rates of tuberculosis (TB), but study results have been inconclusive due to small sample sizes. A team of researchers studied a larger population to get a better look at the relationship between celiac disease and TB. The study team included J. F. Ludvigsson, D. S. Sanders, M. Maeurer, J. Jonsson, J. Grunewald, and J. Wahlström. They are affiliated with the Department of Paediatrics at Örebro University Hospital in Örebro, Sweden.

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