Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Russia: New rapid TB detection system delivers results in 2 hours

The new GeneXpert machine just installed in Tomsk, Russia cuts the time needed to test people for tuberculosis (TB) from weeks to just two hours. In a region with an especially high rate of TB, the system enables medical providers to identify and treat TB and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) early and fast. This in turn improves patients' quality of life and curbs the spread of disease.

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India: Report each TB case to us, says health dept

Private practitioners treating tuberculosis patients will now have to report each case to the state health department. The aim is to improve private doctors' participation as well as to ensure appropriate and effective treatment of the disease.

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South Africa sets goal of testing all miners for tuberculosis

South Africa wants to test hundreds of thousands of miners for tuberculosis and ensure sufferers get treatment over the next year, a government health official said Tuesday.

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AIDS, TB still national security threat in Ukraine

The epidemics of AIDS and tuberculosis remain a threat to national security in Ukraine and require redoubled efforts to treat and prevent these diseases, Secretary of National Security and Defense Council Andriy Kliuyev said.

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South Africa: Health Barometer shows slight progress

According to the District Health Barometer, TB and HIV are still the main causes of death. But the Barometer reveals that some districts have shown great improvements in tackling these diseases.

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India: Rs 710 crore to combat tuberculosis in next fiscal

The annual budget to combat tuberculosis (TB), the deadly air-borne disease, for 2012-13 will see about 80% increase over last fiscal. While, the country's annual health budget is set to increase by a meagre 13% this year, the Planning Commission has decided to raise allocation for the TB control programme to about Rs 710 crore for 2012-13.

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500 cases of MDR-TB diagnosed in Cameroon

Experts from the World health organization and the Ministry of public health have indicated that there are some 500 cases of multi drug resistant tuberculosis in Cameroon.

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Mask may help curb drug-resistant tuberculosis

Having tuberculosis patients wear a surgical mask all day cuts the likelihood of them transmitting the infection through the air by nearly half, according to a new study from South Africa.

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More than 900 000 lives saved by protecting people living with HIV from TB

Updated WHO guidance launched today scales up effective public health interventions to reduce TB deaths for people living with HIV.

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A court case and a mathematical model expose the risk of TB in South African prisons

Dudley Lee's case reveals how overcrowding and a struggling court system are fuelling a TB epidemic.

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