Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Top tuberculosis scientists warn of urgent need to develop effective TB vaccines

Drawing on recent findings of a significant rise in cases of drug-resistant tuberculosis in the UK and globally, top TB researchers at a briefing today in London called for greater focus on the quest for new vaccines—a crucial long-term, cost-effective method for addressing the growing threat.

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Health programmes must collaboratively address TB–diabetes

With growing strong evidence on the dangerous communion between tuberculosis (TB) and diabetes in India, government health programmes must no longer delay implementing TB-diabetes collaborative activities. “Like the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the diabetes epidemic threatens to cause an escalation in TB incidence. China and India constitute 40% of the world’s diabetes population of 400 million people which is likely to go up to half a billion by 2020. If we do not seriously think about the link between TB diabetes my feeling is that it may begin to derail some of the good advances made in India and China on TB control” said Professor (Dr) Anthony D Harries, Senior Advisor, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union).

"In 2011 India had 6.13 crore people living with diabetes with 983,000 deaths attributable to the disease. India also accounts for 21% of the global incidence of tuberculosis (TB) with 19.8 lakh people developing TB and nearly 300,000 dying of it every year" said Shobha Shukla, Director, CNS Diabetes Media Initiative (DMI) and former senior faculty, Loreto Convent College.

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Rats recruited to sniff out TB in Mozambique

A group of trained rats is on its way to Mozambique to help the country’s over-stretched health system detect tuberculosis in patients, officials said Friday.

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Myanmar: Closing the HIV/AIDS “treatment gap”

Health workers in Myanmar are confident that efforts to narrow the country’s huge gap between access to, and need for, life-saving medicines to treat HIV/AIDS are back on track after the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria invited the country to apply for additional funding.

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GlaxoSmithKline to open clinical trials data and TB library to outside researchers

GlaxoSmithKline said it will make clinical trial data available to other researchers, breaking from the practice of other pharmaceutical companies which claim such data as proprietary business information.

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PEPFAR releases FY13 country operational plan guidance

PEPFAR has released its "Fiscal Year 2013 Country Operational Plan (COP) Guidance" on its website. The document (.pdf) provides guidance with respect to COP preparation; priorities and approaches for FY 2013; mandatory earmarks and reporting requirements; COP elements; as well as management and operations (October 2012).

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Indian bureaucracy slows treatment of tuberculosis

Rahima Sheikh, an Indian tuberculosis patient carrying a nearly untreatable strain of the disease, is perilously close to running out of the medicines that appear to be saving her life.

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Establishment of the African Community Advisory Board (AfroCAB)

The AfroCAB will promote the advancement of the issues affecting people living with HIV in Africa.

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Tracking TB-HIV coinfection in the United States

A recent tuberculosis (TB) report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that fewer people in the United States have TB disease than in years past. A total of 10,528 TB cases were reported in the United States in 2011, a decrease from 11,171 cases in 2010. Despite this decrease in reported TB cases in 2011, the disease still remains a serious threat, especially for people living with HIV, as HIV can make TB worse. Worldwide, TB is one of the leading causes of death among people living with HIV.

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Efavirenz interaction studies with TB compounds bedaquiline and delamanid

Two poster presentations at ICAAC described potential reduced exposure of bedaquiline and a lack of interaction with delamanid when co-administered with efavirenz (EFV).

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