Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

ACTION produces film on GeneXpert

ACTION has produced a short film to demonstrate the effectiveness of GeneXpert testing in combatting the spread of tuberculosis in resource-limited settings.

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China changes patent laws to get cheap drugs

In a step that is likely to unnerve global drugmakers, China has overhauled parts of its intellectual property law to allow its domestic pharmaceutical industry to make low-cost versions of medicines under patent protection, Reuters reports. The amended Chinese patent law allows Beijing to issue compulsory licenses to eligible companies to produce generic versions of patented drugs during state emergencies, unusual circumstances or in the public interest.

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IMI: 215M euros to tackle major research challenges

Europe's Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has launched seven new projects, costing a combined 215 million euros, which will take on some of the biggest challenges in healthcare research.

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Swazi health minister says new partnerships required to achieve zero TB deaths in the mining sector

Benedict Xaba, Minister of Health of Swaziland, has said that new partnerships must be formed in order to achieve the goals set out in a forthcoming declaration on TB and Mining in Southern Africa.

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Big Pharma in legal battles for monopoly prices in India

Two large multinational pharmaceutical companies are fighting for patents and monopoly pricing in Indian courts. The outcomes of the cases – involving Novartis and Bayer – are likely to determine the country’s future as a major global supplier of low-cost essential medicines.

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Australia: Fears drug-resistant TB will spread to mainland

Specialists fear the closure of health clinics in the Torres Strait this week could see a dangerous new drug-resistant form of tuberculosis emerge on mainland Australia.

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Scientists work together to achieve milestone against deadly diseases

Investigators at the Center for Structural Genomics of Infectious Diseases (CSGID) and the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID) announced today that they reached a significant milestone by determining 1,000 protein structures from infectious disease organisms. The knowledge gained from these structures should lead to new interventions for the deadly diseases caused by these pathogens.

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Africa: Justice delayed, health denied

It’s not a surprise to anyone who knows anything about African prisons to hear that HIV and tuberculosis (TB) rates are staggering, and that health care is virtually nonexistent. Less intuitive is the assertion that I outlined in a recent article that governments and health donors should fund criminal justice reforms as critical HIV and TB interventions.

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South Africa's pharmaceutical market booms

The South African pharmaceutical market is expected to almost double in the next six years due to profitable government contracts for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis medications, according to the latest report from market analysts GBI Research.

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UCAB: Mandatory International Drug Manufacturing Standards will be implemented in Ukraine

Starting from 2015, there will be mandatory International Drug Manufacturing Standards approved by the World Health Organization introduced in Ukraine to protect patients from poor quality drug use. This agreement was reached by patients and the Ministry of Health during the round-table discussion on May 31, 2012.

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