Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Structure discovered for promising tuberculosis drug target

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have figured out the three-dimensional shape of the protein responsible for creating unique bonds within the cell wall of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. The bonds make the bacteria resistant to currently available drug therapies, contributing to the alarming rise of these super-bacteria throughout the world.

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TB and diabetes linkage calls for an integrated response

With diabetes largely associated with over-consumption of sugar by many Zimbabweans, it is hardly surprising that its link to tuberculosis (TB) is hardly a public health matter. TB kills more than 3,500 people each day worldwide, leading to approximately 1.4 million deaths every year. One-third of the world's population is currently infected with the causative agent of TB, and 8.8 million new cases of active TB are estimated to occur around the world each year.

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Harmful effects of global health initiatives are exaggerated

An evaluation of the scientific evidence on the effects of global health initiatives on the health systems of developing countries concludes that the harmful effects have been exaggerated.

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Pharmaceutical industry neglects developing countries

Large parts of the world still have inadequate access to a wide range of medical supplies. The pharmaceutical industry is only now discovering that emerging countries are future markets.

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Blueprint: Plan for HIV must specify TB response

Dr. Lucica Ditiu, executive secretary of the Stop TB Partnership, began her career with the World Health Organization as a medical officer for TB in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia working with all institutions involved in TB care, including ministers of health and justice. She directly supported civil society and communities, funding their efforts through a grant from the European Commission for Humanitarian Assistance. In 2006 she was selected to be a medical officer in the TB unit of the European Regional Office in Copenhagen. Dr Ditiu joined the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat in Geneva to lead the TB REACH initiative, whose goal is to improve access to TB treatment.

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Next generation vaccines: Eliminating the use of needles

Scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London have developed a pioneering new method of oral vaccination which could help boost immunity to tuberculosis (TB) and influenza, as well as prevent C. difficile for which there is currently no vaccine.

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Gambia: Health experts seek to develop new National guidelines for TB management

Stakeholders in the country's health sector under the aegis of the National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Control Programme of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare recently kick-started a three-day workshop to develop new National Guidelines for the Management of Tuberculosis in The Gambia.

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LabCorp licenses Sequella technology for TB assay development

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Drug firm Sequella today announced the licensing of its B-Smart nucleic acid-based technology to Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings for an undisclosed amount.

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WHO report on tuberculosis highlights need for EU action

Last week the World Health Organisation (WHO) released their seventeenth global report on tuberculosis, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the TB epidemic and progress in implementing and financing TB prevention, care and control.

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TBEC works with Romanian civil society to develop advocacy plan for TB

Following the TB Europe Coalition’s visit to Romania last year, the Coalition found itself collaborating with Romanian Angel Appeal (RAA), a charity working on health issues and a principal recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. RAA organised an advocacy training for members of the Stop TB Partnership Romania and asked TBEC to help facilitate the two-day workshop.

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