Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

India: Rs 710 crore to combat tuberculosis in next fiscal

The annual budget to combat tuberculosis (TB), the deadly air-borne disease, for 2012-13 will see about 80% increase over last fiscal. While, the country's annual health budget is set to increase by a meagre 13% this year, the Planning Commission has decided to raise allocation for the TB control programme to about Rs 710 crore for 2012-13.

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500 cases of MDR-TB diagnosed in Cameroon

Experts from the World health organization and the Ministry of public health have indicated that there are some 500 cases of multi drug resistant tuberculosis in Cameroon.

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Mask may help curb drug-resistant tuberculosis

Having tuberculosis patients wear a surgical mask all day cuts the likelihood of them transmitting the infection through the air by nearly half, according to a new study from South Africa.

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More than 900 000 lives saved by protecting people living with HIV from TB

Updated WHO guidance launched today scales up effective public health interventions to reduce TB deaths for people living with HIV.

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A court case and a mathematical model expose the risk of TB in South African prisons

Dudley Lee's case reveals how overcrowding and a struggling court system are fuelling a TB epidemic.

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Latent TB curbs risk of active disease

Latent tuberculosis appears to protect people from developing active TB if they're reinfected, Boston-based researchers report.

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Biofabri and TBVI join forces in TB vaccine development

Spain/The Netherlands, 29 February 2012 – Biopharmaceutical company Biofabri (Porrino, Spain) has decided to financially support the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI), a European foundation based in the Netherlands. The two organisations have signed a sponsorship agreement with the aim to strengthen TBVI’s activities in the search for new vaccines that are able to protect future generations against tuberculosis. Besides financial support, Biofabri will provide TBVI with strategic advice by taking a seat in the Council of Trustees.

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Bill Gates enthusiastic about new TB vaccine candidate from University Zaragoza

Zaragoza, Spain – On 21 February Bill Gates met with Dr. Carlos Martin* of the University of Zaragoza and members of his team in Madrid, Spain. The scientists are working on the development of MTBVAC, a new vaccine against tuberculosis (TB) with support from Biofabri and TBVI. Gates showed great interest in the scientific background of MTBVAC, the most advanced vaccine based on attenuation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. MTBVAC aims to replace BCG and might be able to protect millions of people from getting tuberculosis. BCG is currently the only available vaccine against TB and unfortunately provides very limited protection. Without new vaccines TB cannot be eliminated.

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Cure All: A briefing on today’s most promising new TB drug research

On March 19th, the Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens (CPTR) initiative will hold a briefing to discuss new momentum in the fight against tuberculosis. The event comes at a historic moment, with a wave of innovative TB research that is poised to make an impact on the disease, which kills 1.4 million people each year and is growing increasingly resistant to today’s available therapies.

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Video documents national champions as they work to raise awareness about TB

29 February 2012 - Geneva - In December 2011, nine celebrities from Georgia, Ghana, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa and Sudan gathered in Geneva to share their experiences and views on what it takes to be a strong national TB champion.

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