Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Cutting off the head of the TB snake in Africa: Declaration on TB and mining in Africa draws closer

9 March - Johannesburg - Momentum is building towards a declaration on tuberculosis (TB) and mining that would set member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on a course towards freeing miners, their families and communities from TB.

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Five-cent-a-day preventive treatment can reduce TB cases among miners by 63%

9 March 2012 - Johannesburg - Preliminary results from a research project carried out in South Africa show that gold miners who took a daily dose of isoniazid preventive treatment (IPT) on a daily basis for 9 months had 63% fewer cases of tuberculosis (TB) than a control group of miners who had no preventive treatment.

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Tuberculosis is a women's issue too

On March 8, and across the world the International Women's Day is being commemorated. Coincidentally, March is the global tuberculosis (TB) awareness month. The disease, which is caused by a mycrobatrium, has a major impact on women's sexual reproductive health and that of their children.

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South Africa: Miners have worst TB epidemic in the world

Johannesburg — Gold miners in Southern Africa are probably the group worst affected by tuberculosis (TB) in the world. This is according to Dr David Mametja of South Africa's National TB Programme.

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Household-based HIV and TB intervention boosts HIV testing, lowers community TB prevalence

At the 19th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Seattle, Dr. Helen Ayles presented some key results on behalf of the ZAMSTAR team from the first randomized trial of a combined HIV and TB intervention strategy to demonstrate a reduction in population prevalence of tuberculosis.

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High dose of new HIV drug might improve outcomes for HIV/TB co-infected

Treating patients co-infected with HIV and tuberculosis (TB) can be tricky – as rifampin, a key sterilizing drug in TB regimens – can reduce concentrations of antiretrovirals administered at the same time, as well as other drug-drug complications. Early efforts to combat this phenomenon have unearthed a potential treatment candidate – an increased dose of dolutegravir (DTG), an investigational HIV integrase inhibitor currently in Phase III trials.

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South Africa: Preventative TB trial disappoints

After seven years of research, the world's largest study of preventative tuberculosis (TB) therapy has found that untargeted, community-wide distribution of TB prevention drugs did not improve TB control on South African gold mines.

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TB germs thrive on poor nutrition

TB has been with us since times immemorial. In ancient India it was called Rajrog or the King’s Disease. A benevolent king would dole out gold coins to the poor, which raised their economic status, leading to improvement in their nutritional standards.

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Indian TB cases highlight need for drug-resistance tests

A renewed call for cheap tests that can rapidly identify resistant forms of the disease.

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Indonesia: Drug-resistant TB grows more contagious

Patients suffering from tuberculosis (TB) must complete their treatment as unfinished medication could lead to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria, which could easily spread to others in the form of multi-drug resistant TB (MDR TB).

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