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India: Finally, tuberculosis declared a notifiable disease

NEW DELHI: India has finally declared tuberculosis (TB) a notifiable disease. The announcement signifies that with immediate effect, all private doctors, caregivers and clinics treating a patient suffering from TB will have to report every single case of the air-borne disease to the government.

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A patent way to get cheaper drugs for poor nations

Amid a growing crisis in financing treatments for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world, an arm of the World Health Organization will meet in Geneva later this month to consider alternative ways of producing lower-cost drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools to fight the those diseases in poor countries.

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Zimbabwe: Beware of ARV, TB drugs side effects

When a patient is commenced on ARVs one expects to get better. What happens when one's immune system is compromised is that all infectious diseases find a fertile playground in his/her body.

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Latent and subclinical tuberculosis in HIV infected patients: a cross-sectional study

Meaghan M Kall, Katherine M Coyne, Nigel J Garrett, Aileen E Boyd, Anthony T Ashcroft, Iain Reeves, Jane Anderson and Graham H Bothamley

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India: TB institute confirms 8 patients resistant to all known TB drugs

The National Tuberculosis Institute (NTI) at Bangalore has confirmed that all eight patients whose sputum samples for a re-test have show resistance to all the known TB drugs (first and second line). The confirmation report by institute was sent to the Delhi-based Central TB Division (CTD) on April 19, which was sent to the state health department on Monday.

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Response by Medicines Control Council

Response by Medicines Control Council to letter by Global TB CAB on bedaquiline.

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Improving detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis

Early detection of drug resistance constitutes one of the priorities of tuberculosis (TB) control programmes. It allows initiation of the appropriate treatment in patients and also surveillance of drug resistance. Associated with this problem is the emergence of multi-drug–resistant (MDR) and extensive drug-resistant (XDR) strains of M. tuberculosis.

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TB identified as a top priority in fighting the biggest killer diseases

Research released by the Copenhagen Consensus Center identifies TB as a key priority for infectious disease control in terms of cost effectiveness and disease burden.

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Book about hope keeps TB sufferer going

Phumeza Tisile's favourite book, Redeeming Love, is about hope because that is what helps her get out of bed each day.

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