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India in race to contain untreatable tuberculosis

MUMBAI—India's slow response to years of medical warnings now threatens to turn the country into an incubator for a mutant strain of tuberculosis that is proving resistant to all known treatments, raising alarms of a new global health hazard.

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India: Govt bans serological test kits for TB diagnosis

Government has banned the use of serodiagnostic test kits for diagnosis of Tuberculosis in the country, following inaccurate results which could pose a health risk.

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South Africa: First nurses trained to initiate MDR-TB treatment

South Africa will increasingly move towards nurse-initiated treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in the next five years, and a programme in KwaZulu-Natal Province, which has a high HIV/TB burden, is already training nurses to manage MDR-TB patients.

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South Africa: Overcrowding fuels TB in prisons

Tuberculosis (TB) rates in South Africa's prisons could be cut by up to 94 percent if the country reduced overcrowded conditions in cells and implemented active TB case finding, according to research presented at the recent South African TB Conference.

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SA ‘has to step up TB fight’ to hit WHO target

IT WILL be many years before SA reaches the World Health Organisation (WHO) target of curing 85% of newly diagnosed tuberculosis (TB) cases if measures to fight the epidemic are not stepped up, Margo Uys, co-chairwoman of the third South African TB Conference, said on Friday.

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New TB drug will work with ARVs

International scientists have revealed a new tuberculosis regimen compatible with HIV/Aids medication which is set to reduce the length of treatment of the disease to just four months.

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New G20 austerity measures required to address tuberculosis

Six members of the G20 are among the 22 countries with the highest burden of tuberculosis: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa.

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Cutting tuberculosis treatment time with oral mycobacterium vaccae

Immune Network Ltd. (IMMFF), announces the completion of a Phase II trial of a once-daily M. vaccae pill (V7) conducted by Immunitor in Ukraine. The imm02 study was aimed to seek whether oral formulation of inactivated whole cell mycobacteria can shorten TB treatment duration.

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Breaking News: Appropriations bill maintains TB, Global AIDS funding

The 2013 health funding bill passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee brings good news for tuberculosis research advocates, keeping funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of TB Elimination at its current $140.298 million. The Obama administration had recommended a $4.6 million cut. While about 80 percent of the CDC’s TB division funding goes to domestic programs, an estimated $14 million to $16 million goes to the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium, which works in the United States and globally to test tuberculosis treatments, including shorter term regimens and answers to multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant strains of infection.

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South Africa: Alcoholics more likely to get TB

Heavy drinkers are three times more likely to have tuberculosis than those who don't drink heavily. They are also far less likely to complete their TB treatment.

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