Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Commonwealth Secretariat's Health Section to address tuberculosis

The Commonwealth Secretariat's Health Section is exploring ways to partner with international organisations to contribute to the eradication of tuberculosis (TB), which currently affects 8.8 million people worldwide.

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NIAID statement on World TB Day - March 24, 2012

Christine F. Sizemore, Ph.D., Richard E. Hafner, M.D., and Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

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On the eve of the World TB Day, patients in St. Petersburg are dying due to absence of second-line drugs

Below is a joint press release issued by Patients in Control Movement and Svecha Charitable Fund, and an article by a famous Russian journalist Anastasia Kuzina translated into English.

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South Africa: HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria activists hold emergency meeting ahead of World TB Day

For decades Africa has been ravaged by its three most life-threatening diseases: HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria. The "deadly trio" takes the lives of millions of Africans every year, but instead of focusing on these ruthless diseases, many African governments are spending their budgets on guns or exorbitant political salaries, while failing to fulfill their promises to protect their citizens by investing in health and in providing medical prevention and treatment - the weapons that are needed the most.

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Historic challenges remain in TB fight

What do George Orwell, Frederic Chopin and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have in common?

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Children and tuberculosis: Hidden epidemic

Although virtually no public or political attention is paid to it as a public health issue, tuberculosis remains among the top 10 killers of children worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 176,000 children have died, but the consensus among researchers says that actual figures are higher. In 2009 alone, at least 1 million children became sick with TB.

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Reichman: “TB has always been ignored and forgotten”

In advance of World TB Day (Saturday, March 24) Science Speaks sat down with tuberculosis (TB) expert Lee B. Reichman, MD, MPH, founding executive director of the New Jersey Medical School Global Tuberculosis Institute, to discuss the spread of drug-resistant TB and what he thinks are the most promising advances coming down the scientific pipeline.  Dr. Reichman has published more than 200 articles, scientific reviews and book chapters focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, control, regimen adherence and epidemiology of and advocacy for TB. He also co-authored the book Timebomb: The Global Epidemic of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis with Janice Hopkins Tanne in 2002.

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New vaccine strategy to advance solutions for TB

Against a backdrop of growing concern about the impact of tuberculosis on children, top scientific experts today published a global plan of action for developing the vaccines that are seen as critical to eliminating the disease.

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Drug-resistant "white plague" lurks among rich and poor

LONDON (Reuters)- On New Year's Eve 2004, after months of losing weight and suffering fevers, night sweats and shortness of breath, student Anna Watterson was taken into hospital coughing up blood.

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New TB treatment options on horizon

After nearly 50 years, the drug development pipeline for new tuberculosis (TB) treatments is finally opening up again, according to infectious disease specialists.

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