Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Call for good practices of intersectoral collaboration to end HIV, TB and viral hepatitis

WHO/Europe is calling for partners across the whole of society to showcase their work in responding to HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and viral hepatitis from outside the traditional health sector.

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Sea sponge could be key in fight against TB

An Australian sea sponge could hold the key to successfully combatting the deadly disease tuberculosis (TB), a new study from the Centenary Institute and the University of Sydney suggests.

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Urgent funding boost and "reality check" needed to sustain HIV and TB progress

In advance of Global Fund replenishment conference, MSF releases report showing that many countries are not financially ready to cover HIV/TB response alone as global funding and political interest wanes.

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How a new TB drug could stop one of the world’s deadliest diseases

Tuberculosis struck 10 million people worldwide in 2017, killing 1.6 million of them – a toll greater than that of HIV, malaria, measles and Ebola combined. TB is the leading infectious killer around the globe; nearly 1.8 billion people are carrying the bacterium that causes the disease.

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Reported TB in the United States, 2018

The report includes information on TB disease reported from the 50 United States, the District of Columbia (DC), five U.S. territories (American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), and three independent countries that are in compacts of free association with the United States (Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau).

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Gout risk during TB treatment higher with obesity, chronic kidney disease, hyperuricemia

Obesity, chronic kidney disease (CKD), and/or pretreatment hyperuricemia increase the risk for gout during tuberculosis (TB) treatment, according to research results published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases.

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Ingestible sensor allows patients to be independent but still supported during TB treatment

100% of patients in US trial were cured and preferred the new technology with the potential to revolutionize the treatment and cure of tuberculosis, the world's biggest infectious disease killer.

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Johnson & Johnson commits $500 million investment over four years to help end the epidemics of HIV and TB

Johnson & Johnson announced it has committed to ensuring more than $500 million dedicated to world class research & development and delivery programs over the next four years to accelerate global efforts to eliminate HIV and TB by 2030.

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IDWeek 2019: Malnutrition is a major driver of TB epidemic globally

WASHINGTON, DC – Malnutrition is a significant risk factor for developing active tuberculosis disease, accounting for one quarter of all 1.6 million tuberculosis cases globally, while other risk factors like smoking and diabetes are attributed with 16% and 7.5% of infections respectively, researchers said here Tuesday.

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NEJM study shows community-wide active case finding has the potential to End TB using existing tools

The paper, Community-wide Screening for Tuberculosis in a High-Prevalence Setting, published yesterday (October 3) in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that annual community-wide TB screening in a disease endemic area was more effective than standard passive case detection in reducing TB prevalence. The study shows that achieving the rate of decline necessary to reach ambitious End TB targets using existing tools is possible – if efforts are rapidly and adequately scaled up.

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