Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

WHO strongly supports global sharing of data from TB clinical trials to maximize learning and accelerate discoveries

06 November 2018 | Geneva: To advance the development of new treatments against all forms of TB and maximize the impact of studies and trials undertaken in this area, WHO and partners have initiated a series of pioneering initiatives over the past few years. These are now bearing fruit.

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WHO guidelines address need for physical health management in severe mental illness

WHO has released evidence-based guidelines for managing physical health conditions in adults with severe mental disorders, according to a press release.

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TB patients on bedaquiline have half the mortality of those not on the drug: WHO chief

The WHO will be releasing new recommendations for the treatment of multidrug-resistant and rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (MDR/RR-TB) later this year, which will speak in more detail about the usage of the new drugs bedaquiline and delamanid.

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'Incompatible with life', TB patients struggle with Modi Government's policy on nutrition

There is a need to move away from the 'germ theory' in treating infectious diseases and start focusing on the patient in a more wholesome manner.

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Two Koreas agree to jointly combat malaria, TB

South and North Korea on Wednesday agreed to jointly establish measures to combat infectious diseases, including tuberculosis and malaria, during an inter-Korean meeting of the two countries’ high-ranking health officials held in the North’s border town of Kaesong.

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India: Fine, jail term for private stakeholders who fail to report TB cases

The notification was issued this year in the month of March, but no legal action was taken against any doctor, but from early next year, the state has planned to act against those who fail to adhere to the ‘revised notification.’

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UN exempts humanitarian items to North Korea from sanctions

SEOUL, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- The United Nations has allowed shipment of humanitarian supplies to North Korea, including medical equipment, for a healthcare project.

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Aidspan publishes new issue of ‘Global Fund Observer’

Aidspan: Global Fund Observer

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Millions with high blood sugar face TB risk

Millions of people with high blood sugar may be at greater risk of tuberculosis than previously thought, scientists said Friday, warning that diabetes and TB could combine to create the "perfect storm" of disease.

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Sign a petition supporting a rights-based approach to TB

A declaration of rights and demand for social and political solutions from people affected by TB at the 2018 Union World Conference on Lung Health.

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