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Romania with the highest TB incidence rate in the EU: TB awareness campaign launched

The Romanian Stop TB Campaign has launched a TB awareness campaign in Romania calling on Romanian decision makers to step up and to save lives. The main goals of the campaign are to raise awareness and to urge the Government and decision makers to approve and fully fund Romania’s proposed national multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) plan for 2012-15.

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TB advocates from across Europe meet to raise the issue of TB at the regional Union conference

Last week, TB advocates from across Europe and Central Asia, ranging from Belgium to Kazakhstan, gathered in London for the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease conference to make their voices heard and to exchange experiences and best practices.

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The TB Europe Coalition organizes a symposium

The TB Europe Coalition organizes a symposium during the Union Regional Conference on Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in London on 5 July from 2-5pm.

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TB identified as a top priority in fighting the biggest killer diseases

Research released by the Copenhagen Consensus Center identifies TB as a key priority for infectious disease control in terms of cost effectiveness and disease burden.

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Strong advocacy needed to eliminate TB as a major killer of children

A new paper outlining the pressing need for more advocacy efforts to address childhood TB has been published in the European Respiratory Journal.

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