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White House slashes TB funding less than two months after launching National Plan to Combat MDR-TB

The State Department’s funding document released following the White House budget today (February 9) shows the Administration proposed the same amount for tuberculosis programs this year as it did last year — even after releasing an ambitious plan to reach more people worldwide with treatment for drug resistant TB.

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PEPFAR, Global Fund flat in White House Budget document, while TB plan doesn’t get a mention

The Obama administration raised hopes and goals for HIV treatment and prevention last year, but today (February 9) released a budget with flat funding for the programs that must meet those goals.

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Union World Conference on Lung Health: How to treat TB during war and conflict

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Imagine you’re one of the 1.5 billion people who live in one of the 42 countries currently affected by war and conflict. One day you must flee with your family and leave everything you’ve known behind in a desperate attempt to save your life. Now you’re one of the 60 million globally who have been displaced from their homes.

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Union World Conference on Lung Health: Zoonotic TB poses little known threat

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – One million people have been infected by mycobacterium bovis over the past decade, scientists said here this week. The zoonotic strain of tuberculosis, acquired from livestock, is clinically indistinguishable from the most common airborne strain, but results in longer, more costly treatments, more drug resistance, and more deaths than mycobacterium tuberculosis, scientists said.

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Union World Conference on Lung Health: Communities central to ending HIV and TB

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – It wasn’t necessarily the health system in Zimbabwe that saved Constance Manwa when she was diagnosed with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis two years after being diagnosed with HIV. While an integrated care system had detected her HIV when she went in for prenatal care, the same system failed to quickly diagnose her MDR-TB, only correctly diagnosing her condition five months after she showed symptoms. At that point, Manwa was emaciated, relying on a walking stick and leaning on her mother to walk.

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Union World Conference on Lung Health: Health workers at greater risk for TB, but unlikely to be screened for it

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Health care workers should be considered a key population along with prisoners, miners, and other populations that are at higher risk than the general public of becoming infected with tuberculosis, speakers here said Friday (December 4).

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Romania’s poor relegated to antiquated tuberculosis care

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – When Jonathan Stillo asked the medical director of a mountaintop sanatorium in Romania what she would like to change about the sanatorium, she said she would like to blow the place up and build a small, modern clinic in town where the patients are – a model that’s more in-line with current tuberculosis control practices which encourage treating patients in their communities.

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IDWeek 2015: Physicians, researchers describe obstacles to tuberculosis control in resource limited countries

SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 7, 2015 – At one of the first sessions of this conference of infectious diseases physicians, scientists discussed an urgent need to scale up tuberculosis prevention efforts globally, especially in light of data expected from the World Health Organization showing that TB has surpassed HIV as a leading cause of death globally.

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Obama 2014 budget: Continued support for Global Fund, paired with PEPFAR cut leave Blueprint goals in question

The Obama administration released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2014, with numbers that show a continued commitment to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, but also a continued drop in funding for the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief.

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