Madhukar Pai

Resources for TB diagnostic product developers

Prof Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD, of McGill University compiled links to several helpful resources, including TB diagnostics landscape and market analyses, target product profiles for priority TB diagnostics, and a list of frequently asked questions to facilitate the development of new TB diagnostic tools.

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The End TB Strategy: India can blaze the trail

How is the ‘End TB Strategy’ relevant in the Indian context, and how can India be a world leader in implementing the End TB Strategy?

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India: TB control requires new technologies

Although much effort has gone into tuberculosis control, reduction in incidence has been disappointingly slow. India is a good example. Although India's Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) covers the entire country, and has met the 2015 targets, India continues to report over 2 million cases every year, and accounts for 1 of the 3 million “missing cases” that are either not diagnosed, or not reported. 

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Testing and treating the missing millions with tuberculosis

Writing in observation of World Tuberculosis Day 2015, for which the Stop TB Partnership has established the theme "Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone," Madhukar Pai and Puneet Dewan call on national TB programs to retool in order to meet the ambitious goal of ending TB by 2035.

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Innovations in tuberculosis diagnostics: Progress and translational challenges

This article reviews the current best diagnostic tools available for TB diagnosis and monitoring, and describes the most important gaps, and translational challenges for developing innovative products that can meet the needs.

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Madhukar Pai: Transforming the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Interview with Professor Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD by Claire Raison

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India: TB control: five key reasons to engage the private sector

India accounts for a quarter of the 8.6 million cases of TB that occur worldwide. India also accounts for a third of the ‘missing 3 million TB cases’ that do not get diagnosed or notified. Not only is TB not going away, we are now seeing severe forms of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB).

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Promoting affordable and quality tuberculosis testing in India

Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of India’s biggest health problems. Every year, India reports over 2 million TB cases. With the emergence of severe forms of drug‑resistant TB and concerns about TB drug shortages, there is much work to be done to control the epidemic.

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Tuberculosis control in India — time to think beyond DOTS

World TB Day is a good time to take stock of progress in global TB control. Unfortunately, TB continues to be major public health threat, with an estimated 8.7 million new cases per year, and an estimated 1.4 million deaths from TB. Early case detection and rapid treatment continues to remain the cornerstone of TB control strategy. With the incidence of TB declining very slowly, it is now obvious that TB cannot be eliminated by 2050.

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